Samsung announces update to fix the bland displays on the Galaxy S24 series

14 February 2024
The firmware is coming to all three Galaxy S24's this month.

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[deleted post]I don't think so. I complained about this Vivid mode and I have the S24U.

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    • 15 Feb 2024

    Honestly, I am confused with this matter, Mine is fine.

      So first it was reported as being working as intended, and now they're going to push an update to "fix" the issue?

      Like what?? Are they just going to do it to cater to those people who are addicted to oversaturated colour profile?

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        • 15 Feb 2024

        AlienNextDoor, 14 Feb 2024You are factualy, objectively wrong. There is nothing na... moreThat's not how Natural mode works on One UI. Natural mode performs display color management depending on the color gamut of your content. 99% of people produce SDR content in sRGB, so it is sane to default to that. But if your content contains metadata that it was produced for viewing in a wider color gamut, the phone switches to that, e.g. for HDR content. You will notice that colors are allowed to become much more saturated than typical sRGB SDR content when you watch HDR videos, especially those test videos on YouTube that tend to push the saturation to make things more eye-catching.

        Vivid mode saturates *everything* past sRGB. Professionally produced content that was specifically color-graded to look correct on sRGB will look oversaturated. It is objectively the inaccurate mode if you care about color accuracy.

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          • 15 Feb 2024

          GAMIR3DH, 14 Feb 2024Thats what they are doing. Defaulted to natural. People cri... moreNo, I've always used natural over vivide and still do. I've owned every galaxy first day since the s4. And usually the colors improve. I've always complained about the colors untill they came up with the natural option but when I got the S24 the colors are faded compared to my s23 in natural .
          So they did something.
          Also my friend who's using video complains because of the reds on his background but he still wanted vivid

            Anonymous, 14 Feb 2024samsung still cant put 10 bit display on their phone let al... moreAlso pwm

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              • 14 Feb 2024

              I don't see how someone could seriously call these displays "bland".

              When they look like the Gameboy four shades of snot, call it bland and I'll listen.

                Gazbraz, 14 Feb 2024Samsung is interested in only money, unlike every other pho... moreBro you know i am right whats your problem.
                Wouldnt spit even a single letter over Samsung if they prove they can do better.
                Since this not happening they got what they asking for.

                  GAMIR3DH, 14 Feb 2024Thats what they are doing. Defaulted to natural. People cri... moreAnd they should. They should give people options.
                  I don't like "Vivid" mode, I take plenty of photos so the look on my phone does not correlate with the real-world look when sent to PC/TV.
                  But if people like Vivid, they should have the option to toggle it.
                  That's one of the beauties of Android compared to iOS- options.
                  Once you take that away from the people, what's there to offer over iOS?

                    walkman8, 14 Feb 2024How about Samsung started giving users "Natural" ... moreThats what they are doing. Defaulted to natural. People cried is not saturated so now there's an update coming to put it oversaturated like those clickbait YT thumbnails 😆

                      GAMIR3DH, 14 Feb 2024I started using Natural preset on a S20 Ultra i had while t... moreHow about Samsung started giving users "Natural" colors as default while still giving the option to change it to "Vivid"?
                      There's a number of people who'll never change the screen color option, with time more and more people might ease up on the Natural profile and never get back to the radioactively saturated Vivid profile?

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                        • 14 Feb 2024

                        samsung still cant put 10 bit display on their phone let alone 12 bit display 💀

                          BigDisplay, 14 Feb 2024I rly don't see any difference on this S24U vs all oth... morePeople compare a new AMOLED to displays that have aged for 1-2 years, not realizing that the diodes DEGRADE over time. Blue pixels decay the fastest, causing greens and reds to pop more.

                          Go back to last year, or the year before, or the year before that, and people complain that their new phones are less vivid than their old ones. OLED panels are made of organic materials, they literally change the more you use them.


                          The reason your old phone looks more vivid is because the diodes have decayed in efficiency to various degrees. It's hilarious to see people complain about it. This is the biggest nothingburger phone controversy of all. And I don't even have an S24U, I'm sticking with my S23U for another year

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                            • 14 Feb 2024

                            Good. Now when I buy S24 Plus in March. It will be great.

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                              • 14 Feb 2024

                              George , 14 Feb 2024It is not an issue actually but is better always to have a ... moreLiterally no one mentioned iPhone until you brought it up like an angry fanboy

                                Cpt.Power, 14 Feb 2024Just one question. They havent fixed S23 series camera har... moreSamsung is interested in only money, unlike every other phone maker who run their businesses as charities, I thought your anti trolling Samsung comments couldn’t get anymore ridiculous, but you’ve managed to outdo yourself once again,,, ffs grow up

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                                  • 14 Feb 2024

                                  Anonymous, 14 Feb 2024Isn't it sad how many people prefer these fake oversat... moreYou are factualy, objectively wrong.

                                  There is nothing natural aboit srgb. It just doesn't encompass a whole lot of colours.

                                  Now say you have a display that can show P3 or even rec2020 colours. Why would you restrict it to just srgb? Especially in content that is made for a wider gamut, like Oneui, it isn't obersaturated, it's naturally more colourful.

                                  Bit even for content made for srgb, why do you insist on oled panels, with hdr10 and 3k peak brightness, and then restrict it to dark mode, 10% brightness and srgb?!?!?

                                  You're just as senseless as people who cried for glass backs instead of plastic, but never use their phone without a case.

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                                    • 14 Feb 2024

                                    A big mess this year for S24 series : display, CPU throttling ... SoC fragmentation and price !

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                                      • 14 Feb 2024

                                      David 040882, 14 Feb 2024Agree. They should try fix the graininess issue on the Ultr... moreI read on other websites that they may not be able to do anything about it as it's hardware issue. If its hardware issue then we have to force them recall all galaxy s24ultra phones with grainy screen as it's non fixable hardware issue and could hurt our eyes on long-term usage.

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                                        • 14 Feb 2024

                                        Anonymous, 14 Feb 2024In some sense it is "sad" A lot of devices don... moreColor gamut/color space (i.e. SRGB, DCI-P3, Adobe RGB, REC2020, etc.) ≠ Saturation levels. You can have over-saturated content mastered for SRGB or under-saturated content mastered or displayed on a screen with REC2020.