Xiaomi 14 Ultra's full specs leak with images

17 February 2024
It's expected to go official on February 25.

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i love that screen, those thin bezels are amazing.

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    • 18 Feb 2024

    Cyberchum, 18 Feb 2024More free? What did you mean by "free" in thi... moreGoogle only sells their phones in a handful of countries.

    If they want to sell their phones in China, I'm sure they'd be able to. But their Pixels will not have Google service. They left the China market a long time ago because they weren't allowed to harvest user data in China.

      Anonymous, 17 Feb 2024"the two telephoto units have f/3.0 apertures" I... moreThat statement is incorrect. The maximum aperture which is on the periscope is f2.5. This is official as it's written on the camera module

        'Xiaomi has launched the Xiaomi 13 Ultra in Europe, a few months after its Chinese release.
        The phone starts at €1,499 (~$1,616), €100 more than the Galaxy S23 Ultra"
        This is from June 23 2023 Article,
        We do know there is €200 pre order offer.
        The Xiaomi becomes official on 02/25/2024
        Those of you will be saying "Hey your just COPYING and TYPING stuff we ALREADY KNOW CATS WAK
        I reply
        'Well I don't accept that! I have doubts as there are only two sources neither are named Xiaomi'.
        'Yogesh Brah X & Roland Quandt authored piece'

        It can't be me alone seeing this, (& don't expect an invite either!) https://www.gsmarena.com/compare.php3?idPhone1=12827&idPhone2=12236#diff-

        On the right the Xiaomi 13 Ultra REAL
        On the left the RUMOURED Xiaomi 14 Ultra

        Dilemma: Dig out the Xiaomi 13 launch presentation or wait untill 02/25/2024

        It seems to me that in the absence of any details this rumoured leak appears Standard Operating Procedure) Maybe the caveat should be, this is the MINIMUM specs, not the actual specs as we have none & finally why Android 13?

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          • 18 Feb 2024

          is The Display Completety Flat Like S24 Ultra ?..... Only than I Can Buy

            Sax, 18 Feb 2024That above you mentioned applies only if your have girlish ... moreMy hands are fairly large, and I can use a 6.7" phone one-handed in some ways actually. It's just that with the width, it physically hurts to use it like that. A 5.5"-5.8" screen would be too small for me, and I have previously owned a Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 that is the equivalent size of a 5.5" 19.5:9 phone, so I can very much judge that based on evidence. I have already mentioned that I have fairly large hands, not girlish hands, so it doesn't make your comment have any relevance or usefulness to the discussion.

              WhatSAComputer, 18 Feb 2024Because I want one. But considering how judgy you are, t... moreThat's actually a good reason. I will still prefer 6.3-6.5" phones for their smaller width, but that is not a bad reason either. I know several people who use 6.1" phones, and they look too small to me, but I think 6.3" is a great middle-of-the-road compromise between text size and one-handed use.

                Darth Caesium, 17 Feb 2024Go on. Give me an actual compelling reason why you should h... moreBecause I want one.

                But considering how judgy you are, that's probably not "compelling" to you.

                Smartphones are not just phones, for a lot of people they are the first internet access point, camera and entertainment device.
                Bigger devices can house bigger (and better) batteries, cooling, sensors/, lenses, sound systems and maybe even more ports not to mention lower engineering cost or repairability.

                But of course you gotta balance it with portability, the market for 30" phones is basically non existent.

                The ideal phone size as far as ergonomics go (as the "your thumb goes from here to here" ad reminds us) is 4.5": no stretching required to reach all four corners; but that is a miserable experience for all the functionality a smartphone provides.

                A 6.5" phone (aspect ratio ~20:9, basically most modern phones) still requires some hand gymnastics, if not a pop socket or two handedness.
                If I have to use two hands anyway, why not make it wider?
                Look around and see how many small handed women go around with a Pro Max +a huge case: people are willing to go two handed if the phone is doing what they need to. (there is status involved too but let's just say that status is one of the things it needs to convey).
                People are willing to sacrifice pocketability too, so much so that there is a market for crossbody straps for your phone.

                Give me an easily accessible 1handed mode for when I am out and about and go 10 cm wide (~3.8") . Kill the small tablet by being the small tablet.

                (Also android side note, Qualcomm chips are consistently 1 gen behind apple's chipset, the better cooling+ bigger battery could help since you can make a duracell argument "our phones last longer", or a sustained performance one for throttling.

                And if you are at a carrier store/outside having an easily recognizable characteristic can be good to promote yourself a bit like the argument Nothing is making with their LEDs)

                Thanks for coming to my ted talk

                  cant wait

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                    • 18 Feb 2024

                    Zendroid, 17 Feb 2024Vegan phone? No thanks! Plants have faces, soul and pulses ... moreha ha ha now that's a strong statement. thumbs up

                      Anonymous, 17 Feb 2024At least the smartphone market is more free in China than t... moreMore free?

                      What did you mean by "free" in this case? Is it many companies making and selling phones? Can Google sell Pixel with Google services there? Is any phone even allowed to have GMS there? Are foreign brands even allowed to have their software solutions in the country? I remembered my supplier saying that they use VPN to access WhatsApp.

                      Did I hear you say more "free"?

                      There are many LOCAL players mainly because of cheaper cost of production: easy access to raw materials, availability of cheap (expendable) labour etc.

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                        • 18 Feb 2024

                        Why a 'vegan leather' back? Are there really people who prefer a plastic back that is unhygienic and gets scratched just by lying on a table to a gorilla glass back on a 1500,- € phone? At least a glass alternative would have been great.
                        And why all these ugly round camera islands on Chinese phones? Happy that ZTE goes it's own way with the Z60 Ultra.

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                          • 18 Feb 2024

                          At least they changed the camera ring on the white model to silver to match the rest of the phone.

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                            • 18 Feb 2024

                            rizki1, 17 Feb 2024beast camera, big storage, beast charging in the box and ma... moreBeast camera? My guy Xiaomi 13 Ultra performed worse than Nothing Phone 2 in MKBHD'S blind camera test

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                              • 18 Feb 2024

                              This phone would be at the same price point with the iPhone 15 Max Pro. Is Xiaomi that confident?

                                I hope xiaomi 14U camera and video quality will get much improve significant than the already great 13U had.

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                                  • 18 Feb 2024

                                  Is that a 50mp quad Bayer or regular Bayer one inch sensor?

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                                    • 18 Feb 2024

                                    Stores use to have xiaomi and others Chinese phone but not anymore significant change just under one year

                                      Anonymous, 18 Feb 2024No, they didn't. Everyone were happy to use H telecomm... moreThere is no proof that they could provide that you would say is not fabricated. Meanwhile you yourself offer no proof, only innuendo based on assumptions.

                                      If you think that the US bases policy on the sales of a few hundred thousand units of H smartphones, that is absurd. It has nothing to do with handsets and everything to do with network infrastructure. We aren't going to entrust our secure comms to a company subject to CCP control. Period.

                                        Aierlan, 18 Feb 2024Might be region dependent. All their phones in China, flags... moreRight that makes sense, In Europe at least I meant