Xiaomi 14 Ultra's full specs leak with images

17 February 2024
It's expected to go official on February 25.

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Jzgerardus, 18 Feb 2024Only cheap Xiaomi's come with ads, the flagships or hi... moreMight be region dependent. All their phones in China, flagship or otherwise have ads built into some system apks

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    • Nino
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    • 18 Feb 2024

    I'll never spend 1500€ for a phone and especially for a Xiaomi garbage.
    They put the numbers, faking benchmarks but in reality nothing.
    Very bad software and no resale value at all for their phones.

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      • 18 Feb 2024

      Anonymous, 18 Feb 2024Intelligence Agencies of many nations consider H a threat. ... moreNo, they didn't. Everyone were happy to use H telecommunications equipment until the Trump US/China trade war. That's when the allegations first surfaced of H and other Chinese tech companies being US national security threats. Even then no national intelligence agencies apart from the US claimed H were national security threats. After US pressure, some intelligence agencies have claimed problems with H equipment but without any proof whatsoever. Some countries have outright banned H equipment without any finding of security threats purely under US pressure.

      The US have also tried to ban Xiaomi by claiming they are a national security threat.

      The whole thing is a load of US bs simply because they are unable or unwilling to compete against rival Chinese products.

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        • 18 Feb 2024

        Hardware Hypervisor, 18 Feb 2024$1,500? Who are they kidding? Xiaomi doesn't have a ... moreXiaomi never comes with ads, only Redmi and POCO does.

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          • 18 Feb 2024

          geordie81, 18 Feb 2024Huawei and security issue, somebody drinking the american k... moreIntelligence Agencies of many nations consider H a threat.
          You think they would do it without proof.
          🤦🏻‍♂️, this tiktok generation.

          Gladly Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi do not earn public investments. Cant say same about someone else. Curious to know why gov puts money in private company.

            Anonymous, 17 Feb 2024OnePlus is sold in USA. Lenovo sells computer in USA. ... moreHuawei and security issue, somebody drinking the american kool aid again, do you always listen to whatever they tell you like the good little boy you are? what a gimp.

              Hardware Hypervisor, 18 Feb 2024$1,500? Who are they kidding? Xiaomi doesn't have a ... moreOnly cheap Xiaomi's come with ads, the flagships or higher end midrangers never do

                IMX363, 18 Feb 2024Looks like a nice phone, but I would be willing to pay mayb... moreit's going to be at least 4 years of android updates and 5 years of security updates, at least thats been their norm these days but they might do more for this one.

                  jiyen235, 17 Feb 20241500 euros, yeowzers man that's a lotta money for a 51... moreIt's already the case; S23U was 1249 on Amazon.de in 512 Gb model (Even 1199 early february, see keepa), is currently @ 1099 for the 256 Gb model. (Since 14 February, was 1249 before)
                  Sold by Amazon, not a third party ✌

                  But I don't think it's a really good price after one year ... Then again, when you see the small difference between S23U ans S24U ... I had a better price upon launch for my S23U 512 😳 (with preorder and so on)

                    Looks like a nice phone, but I would be willing to pay maybe €850 for it.

                    How many Android updates will it receive? Will it be 7? To match Apple, Google, and Samsung? If they are asking for the quoted price in the article, there better be at least 5 guaranteed updates.

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                      • Sax
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                      • 18 Feb 2024

                      Darth Caesium, 17 Feb 2024In fact, flagships should be 6.5", not 6.7". The ... moreThat above you mentioned applies only if your have girlish or childish hands then look elsewhere about 5.5-5.8inch

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                        • Ridinaj
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                        • 18 Feb 2024

                        Incredible pricing...
                        I have a feeling plain 14 will be 950€
                        There is little in practical use to justify 3x the price vs Redmi 13 Pro for me.
                        I was waiting for EU Xiaomi 14 for the USB 3.2 connection and smaller size option while having a bit better camera... But not at +900€
                        Perhaps I'll just get a used S23 for 450€

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                          • 18 Feb 2024

                          Darth Caesium, 17 Feb 2024Go on. Give me an actual compelling reason why you should h... more I understand your perspective, but for me, having a larger screen on my phone is essential for media consumption, video watching, light photo editing, and reading news. I find my 6.8-inch screen perfect for my needs, despite not having huge hands. When I use a smaller 6.1-inch screen, it feels cramped and inadequate for my usage. Everyone has their preferences, and for me, a bigger screen works great.
                          Buy a small screen phone and stop complaining.

                            Who are they kidding?
                            Xiaomi doesn't have a good reputation to command such price.
                            Apple and Samsung spent a lot of money to build customer support centers spanning across the old continent.
                            But for a company that only has online presence, asking for $1,500 is quite rich.
                            Hope at that price, it doesn't come with ads.

                              Anonymous, 17 Feb 2024All chinese OEMs are going to end their partnership and adv... moreThat's a rumor at this stage but I think Digital Chat Station said 'some' rather than 'all'. Eventually they probably all will but doubt Xiaomi will end the Leica it by the next flagship. The main purpose of these partnerships is for marketing and to try to get a foothold in the more profitable high end market. It seems to be having some success for Xiaomi as sales of the Xiaomi 14 series are much higher than previous years. Once they feel it's served it's purpose they will end it but I still think the Leica partnership will be around at least for the 15 series. Maybe some of the other manufacturer partnerships will go first. Xiaomi often follows Huawei though so it would be no surprise if they create their own image brand and it's probably just a matter to time. Huawei first had the Leica partnership, then Xiaomi took it over. Huawei used a variable aperture then Xiaomi followed. Huawei changed emui to Harmony OS and Xiaomi later changed miui to Hyper OS. Huawei also has Xmage so Xiaomi will also likely launch their own image brand too

                                TheLastOracle, 17 Feb 2024LEICA, HASSELBLAD, ZEISS branding should atleast make some ... moreSmartphone cameras are so much more computationally advanced than ILCs to the point where there's not much those camera manufacturers can do to help smartphone manufacturers in terms of software processing, so their influence is usually limited to colour science or lens quality certification.

                                Leica and Hasselblad helped Xiaomi and Oppo tune their JPEG colours respectively, while Zeiss allows Vivo and Sony to use their patented lens coating that significantly reduces internal reflections.

                                Huawei's colours used to be very Leica-like for the first 3 generations of their phones (P9, Mate 9 and P10), but even then Leica's influence started to diminish significantly from the P20 and P30 series and it was pretty much gone by P50 Pro.

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                                  • 18 Feb 2024

                                  TheLastOracle, 17 Feb 2024That's probably a good thing. Smartphone photo and vid... moreStill gonna look bad on larger screens as long as they keep refusing to use only glass inside the lenses and enhancing phones to "look good" by applying too much NR and sharpening.

                                    Anonymous, 17 Feb 2024Dont use 1 hand to operate phone. Using index of the othe... moreYeah, problem is my phone, the Google Pixel 7 Pro, is 162.9mm × 76.7mm, + a very thin case that nonetheless still adds like 2mm of bulk to the width. 74mm would be acceptable for me, but 76.7mm + ~2mm is too much for my hands, which mind you are fairly large.

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                                      • 17 Feb 2024

                                      UltraHD, 17 Feb 2024Same reason why i left Xiaomi too, they have great hardware... moreHyper Os is less bugs than Miui

                                        Anonymous, 17 Feb 2024All chinese OEMs are going to end their partnership and adv... moreThat's probably a good thing. Smartphone photo and video quality still has a lot of scope for improvement. Especially when zoomed in, or viewed on much larger screens than smartphone displays.