Nothing Phone (2a) confirmed to pack custom Dimensity 7200 Pro chipset

20 February 2024
Nothing and MediaTek worked together to optimize the chipset for Nothing's upcoming midranger.

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Didn't Carl pei say it isn't???

    Boy these OEMs either are out of touch with reality of just like to give mediatek a bad name..

    The guy in the interview claims that it would be a "hard sell"

    As if the majority of people even care or knows about processor names ... Sure the geeks .. which are like 0.0000005% of buyers

    Mediatek chipsets are competitive and a viable option

      HyperionBurn, 20 Feb 2024i mean then why not use ultra instead of the pro if its pur... moreThat wouldn't work, because that is technically a custom chipset for Xiaomi phones, as much as it's still just the same chipset as the standard Dimensity 7200.. So they also have to show that they can work with MediaTek on their own custom chipset, to complete the marketing stuff.

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        • 20 Feb 2024

        Why on earth are they showing virtual ram in the chipset pic? That's just plain stupid 🤦

          DarlingYext, 20 Feb 2024It's just the name, when it comes to the "standar... morei mean then why not use ultra instead of the pro if its purely just for marketing?

            So there will be the other variant like Dimensity 7200, pro, ultra, max, plus.

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              • 20 Feb 2024

              Oneplus Nord 3 is better deal.

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                • 20 Feb 2024

                rizki1, 20 Feb 2024my old Redmi Note 10 5G with Dimensity 700 reaches 121h end... moreMuch less power needed for a much less powerful processor and gpu just like if you building a PC you need to take into account that a faster processor and gpu will have higher consumption when picking up a power supply.

                Also while ips display may be less efficient as a general rule - if you take into account how much brighter an oled display can get that kinda balances it out. Your redmi display gets at best 400 - 500 nits whereas current amoleds get peaks in the thousands and some can sustain 1000 nits for prolonged periods. If both displays work at 400 nits the ips is less efficient but if the amoled is kept at more than double the brightness it makes sense to require as much or more power.

                Then there's the matter of how accurate the battery tests are(which is not very imo). Look at battery tests online as a very general orientation. My previous phone p40 lite also scored 121h in gsmarena's test and it indeed had amazing battery life but there is no scenario where if I use it for any amount of time it would get through 5 days without needing a charge. Maybe without a sim inside and if I don't use it because I have another phone but is that really realistic?

                  Its better than expected at known rumored price.

                    HyperionBurn, 20 Feb 20247200 pro vs 7200 ultra vs 7200? is it just the name? whats ... moreIt's just the name, when it comes to the "standard" and "Ultra" models, they are identical, and the "Pro" seems to be no different.


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                      • 20 Feb 2024

                      MakeMotoBetterAgain, 20 Feb 2024ok, but are they going to release the source code so we can... moreit's a nothing phone ... so, expect nothing about cistom roms !

                        Darth Caesium, 20 Feb 2024Not trying to discount what you're saying, but Xiaomi ... more

                        The snapdragon 7s gen 2 inside poco X6 and Redmi Note 13 pro does far better than Dimensity 8050 and 7030 inside Infinix gt 10 and motorola edge 40 neo. And the Xiaomi's have higher resolution screens, the other are 1080p...

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                          • 20 Feb 2024

                          Didn't he say that the chipset wasn't 7200 ? Turns out it's a 7200 pro. Perhaps the 'pro' part is a key differentiator there

                            do this too, google with your piexel, mediateck at least for next year, when you take the tensioner out of the clutches of samsung

                              Darth Caesium, 20 Feb 2024Not trying to discount what you're saying, but Xiaomi ... moreThat's fair, but I have used other brands that have phones with better battery life, like Samsung and Motorola. In fact my spare phone is a cheap Moto G71 I got on discount and that thing lasts a minimum of two days no matter what.
                              The thing is that everything I've seen and tested on this chipset (7sG2) has been good, even when it wasn't supposed to be efficient due to Samsung's fab process, and even with Xiaomi not being the best at battery optimization. My SoT is easily 8h and I still have battery to spare. Take a look at the Realme 12 Pro+ review, they also confirmed the good efficiency of this chipset.

                                Darth Caesium, 20 Feb 2024Not trying to discount what you're saying, but Xiaomi ... moremy old Redmi Note 10 5G with Dimensity 700 reaches 121h endurance rating and the phone uses an IPS screen.. how is that possible?

                                  Power efficiency ,if tuned accordingly,is going to be super ,seeing that it's also a hexa-core chipset ,a point Andrei and anandtech once touched on ,on of his assessment of core designs.

                                    The Nada Phone Ultra is coming for summer, give us a 6.8 screen, SD 8gen 2 plus, and a periscope telephoto lens and a groundbreaking price and maybe it will set its sights on you Carl

                                      not bad for mid range phone, Nothing chooses a good SoC from 778G+ to 8+ Gen 1 which is not made by Samsung.

                                        ashrobb, 20 Feb 2024Dunno man. I have the Redmi Note 13 Pro 5G and the 7s Gen 2... moreNot trying to discount what you're saying, but Xiaomi phones famously have bad battery life compared to other phones because of poor software configuration. What you've said either tells me that you get excellent battery life in spite of Xiaomi's terrible software, because the chip really is efficient; or that you're not used to phones with bettery battery life, so when Xiaomi uses a more efficient screen and slightly improves their software, you get slightly better battery life that is just good enough so that it's noticeably better to you, because you're used to worse kinds that are actually too short to get through the day with.