Sony Xperia Z Google Edition allegedly in the works

08 June, 2013
The phone will come with stock Android and will be sold through the Play Store in the US.

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  • Anonymous

AnonD-142950, 10 Jun 2013People who follow Sony already knows that the Xperia Z is apart ... moreYou will get newest software from google to your GE phone, so it's better in all ways possible.

  • kaja hussian

it is not so speed so i think there must be most ghz

  • AnonD-142950

People who follow Sony already knows that the Xperia Z is apart of the AOSP. That being said you can already add stock/vanilla android if you choose. I really don't see the point in making a "Google Edition" of this device. I guess now and days your cellphone is no good unless its running the latest Android OS.

  • AnonD-154216

I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hoping they'll make the ROM available (officially) so that I can update my Xperia with the pure android experience - Does anyone know if google/sony is planning to do that ?

  • soldierin619

i too want a pure andriod or google os on my note 2 :( just fed up with the samsung stock touchwizz bloatwares :(

  • Anonymous

discbrake, 09 Jun 2013This is everyone's dream. Nokia would simply destroy the competi... moreImpossible. Microsoft has Nokia by the neck. Not to mention that just because a company used to be great doesn't mean that it will still be. You have way too much faith on Nokia

  • Anonymous

I really would like this to happen. And as an owner of the Z, If possible, I'll flash my phone with vanilla Android ROM the minute it's available.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Jun 2013Sony should put IPS display not tft. They can't handle the consumation.
Wikipedia quote:
"IPS panels require up to 15% more power consumption than TN displays."

  • Anonymous

Sony should put IPS display not tft.

  • satyam

i will buy it only if sony replaces the pathetic tft screen with slcd or super amoled or ips lcd screen.

  • max

can the ROM of the google edition phone be burned to a normal.
Like i have a normal gs4 with touchwiz can i get the google edition without spending extra 650 bucks for the same phone

  • discbrake

Anonymous, 09 Jun 2013So, now that Google is has successfully got all the flag ship ph... moreThis is everyone's dream. Nokia would simply destroy the competition if they run Android OS. I'm still hoping, waiting and praying for a Android Nokia Lumia. Maybe in 2014.

  • AnonD-105795

This is a very good news for all Android fanbois. From now on, all big name OEM company will have Google edition for their flagships. I hope they keep this new trend forever. Ppl will have more choices .... long live FREEDOM.

  • beebake74

watch out sammy's a great come back for sony users now.....hope u guys won't criticize now.....check out the link bros­gle-edition-says-insider/

  • AnonD-30650

Viewing the post from my Sony xperia z

  • AnonD-153901

Great news but too bad the viewing angles on this phone are horrible!

  • Ubuntu Takeover

These "Google Editions" suck and they cost more. I do however like that they are giving options to devices with MicroSD card slots which is more than what the nexus devices have had since the Nexus One so I guess they are not all bad.

  • AnonD-91985

On cm10.1 now I notice the camera quality is terrible compared to stock

  • AnonD-6686

The XZ is the most suitable flagship to get pure android because, unlike the S4 and the One, it isn't stacked with software features that we would lose if we choose it over the original. As much as I like its looks, Sony's UI actually slows the phones down causing some occasional lag or stutter and removing Sony's camera algorithms means better camera performance. The only thing we'd lose is Stamina mode, which I don't think we'll miss so much.

  • Andy

Xperia Z is already a dated device, with previous generation Snapdragon chip. Not to mention the worst display among flagship devices.
Battery is also nothing special.