Xiaomi HyperOS (Android 14) review

15 March 2024
We take a deep dive into Xiaomi's brand-new HyperOS.

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  • J
  • Jacky
  • 7k0
  • 15 Jun 2024

Updated, hut regrets, mobile (mi11x pro) became slow, battery drain very fast,

    • j
    • jothimuneeswaran
    • CbI
    • 10 Jun 2024

    Very bad update. Charge fastly down and lot of time mobile got stuck with last page which are using

      • p
      • pad 5
      • iIa
      • 06 Jun 2024

      I am using pad 5 with HyperOS and regret updating it ! All the widgets on my screen became small and cannot be resized ! Many people on reddit have the same problem. No solution ! Cannot turn off Google search when swiping right and up. Plenty of annoying stuff. I wanna throw my tablet after the update and still cannot figure out how to reverse it.

        • ?
        • Anonymous
        • nyc
        • 05 Jun 2024

        Phone is Redmi Note 13 4g.
        Android 14.

        After update from miui 14 to hyperos, I have issue with non AI in Gallery?

        Need that so that can edit pictures.
        There is no more AI option...

        Google photo is crashing whan trying to use eraser.

          • O
          • Omkar
          • CbE
          • 01 Jun 2024

          Since I updated, my phone battery is not charging fastly and draining very fast. Also touch response is little slow.

            • S
            • SNest
            • xyJ
            • 27 May 2024

            A serious issue of this version (Poco X6 Pro), is that calling ringtone of contact us not working 😖.
            Only the original setting ringtone is for every calling😞

              • M
              • Max
              • CbG
              • 24 May 2024

              This new version hyperOS is frustrating and drain much more battery than previous it's obvious that we face lots of inconvenience while using apps and it keep on shutting down and over hitting is also a main problem... Can anybody tell me how to downgrade to pre version

                • M
                • Mr Pointy
                • 3ae
                • 23 May 2024

                My banking app no longer accepts biometric login after the update, which is frustrating and annoying.

                  • M
                  • Mr Defjaam
                  • XUx
                  • 20 May 2024

                  Anonymous, 09 May 2024I want to leave an official complaint that this OS does ind... moreTotally agreed eve my xiaomi11t pro max battery is also draining in a very drastic way after the update .

                    • p
                    • ps
                    • yuq
                    • 15 May 2024

                    Thus update radically improved the battery drain on my Poco F3. I'm talking at least a 50% improvement over MIUI. If nothing else, this has restored my faith in xiaomi

                      • ?
                      • Anonymous
                      • RXq
                      • 09 May 2024

                      I want to leave an official complaint that this OS does indeed drain a lot more battery than the previous version of MIUI. I'm not really happy at all about this. If I had known before or maybe I should've done a bit of research before upgrading, I wouldn't have done it. At this point it wasn't worth it. And as it seems, even 2 months after this software's release to users, the issue was still not addressed or fixed in anyway.

                      On my Xiaomi device, battery usage reduction is very significant - it looks like about 50% loss, even on very simple things. I could find no setting or anything in the Battery setup section to address this issue. This isn't fair at all to the users who didn't expect such a sudden and drastic negative change in the functionality of their device(s). I am posting this message perhaps as a spear-heading attempt to reach Xiaomi's ears and fix this very serious issue in their next software update.

                      Thanks for reading and supporting this cause for whoever chances upon this message. There are plenty of other complaints about this issue online, with no fix or solution - so maybe this message will alert others to complain to Xiaomi or not upgrade their device to this HyperOS (at least not yet, until this is solved). Thanks for reading

                      P.S. Maybe this should be called Hyper battery loss lol, also my phone feels strangely weird in some ways on which I can't put my finger on it yet..

                      -A Xiaomi device user

                        • C
                        • Cyn
                        • pqq
                        • 04 May 2024

                        Cyn, 04 May 2024You can have a new redesigned skin but for it to look like ... moreAlso, "hyperos" doesn't just refer to Xiaomis phones but every other smart devices they make

                          • C
                          • Cyn
                          • pqq
                          • 04 May 2024

                          Cyn, 04 May 2024The android kernel, that's based on the Linux kernelYou can have a new redesigned skin but for it to look like the miui that ppl are used to

                            • C
                            • Cyn
                            • pqq
                            • 04 May 2024

                            Horrido, 30 Apr 2024HyperOS is a misleading name. It's not a real OS, it&#... moreThe android kernel, that's based on the Linux kernel

                              • H
                              • Horrido
                              • kxP
                              • 30 Apr 2024

                              HyperOS is a misleading name. It's not a real OS, it's just a skin. What's under the hood? Linux?

                                • ?
                                • Anonymous
                                • XTR
                                • 23 Apr 2024

                                Anonymous, 22 Apr 2024After updating to hyper OS, my Xiaomi 11T becomes garbage p... moreWHY ?

                                  • ?
                                  • Anonymous
                                  • g0x
                                  • 22 Apr 2024

                                  After updating to hyper OS, my Xiaomi 11T becomes garbage phone, i will never buy xiomi again, will buy Oppo instead.

                                    • B
                                    • Big brothers sister
                                    • Jbr
                                    • 17 Apr 2024

                                    Anonymous, 19 Mar 2024Nothing is free. If you don't pay for the product ... moreBut actually you are paying for the phone! For every bit of the technology and the material but still you are the product. I think smart phones should be free, because no matter what, we are the product!

                                      • ?
                                      • Anonymous
                                      • PE3
                                      • 13 Apr 2024

                                      Really stupid of me to activate the latest HyperOs. Can somebody advise on how to disable/remove the updated HyperOS from my Poco C65, thank you in advance.

                                        • ?
                                        • Anonymous
                                        • mpA
                                        • 04 Apr 2024

                                        The forced Poco control center is the worst decision they've made in years.