Xiaomi HyperOS (Android 14) review

15 March 2024
We take a deep dive into Xiaomi's brand-new HyperOS.

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Xiaomi doesn't have problem with speed or fluidity. Their biggest software problem is stability and constancy.

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    • S2D
    • 15 Mar 2024

    PanRT, 15 Mar 2024Are you seriously comparing Poco to pixel 8 pro?this poco has a very capable chipset,why not?hardware aside all xiaomi phones are bloated with crapware,plenty of bugs no need to name for and their beloved ads,🥳

      PanRT, 15 Mar 2024Are you seriously comparing Poco to pixel 8 pro?Why not to compare? Poco hardware is miles better than on Pixel. I could said the opposite about software though.

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        • PanRT
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        • 15 Mar 2024

        Mike4, 15 Mar 2024Sold my poco x6 Pro because of this OS, got all my money ba... moreAre you seriously comparing Poco to pixel 8 pro?

          Whatever the case, these phones overheat and turn off benchmarks and apps, shut down the camera app, etc. At least that's what I saw in a few reviews and battery tests and have been seeing stuff like this since the Mi 11 Ultra. Kind of a shame really. These flagships are great cameraphones but when pushed they sh*t their pants, even Samsung doesn't do that. Yikes.

          Anyways HyperOS seems quite promising and hopefully this will either make them motivated enough to or at least allow them to push out updates faster. No need to be fast, just try to improve and be faster than before. Apart from the Control Center everything seems pretty nice and updates are minor but overall add up. HyperOS seems legit but only time will tell if it'll continue MiUI's tradition of bugs with updates and stuff, gonna find that out in the long term reviews.

            No issues on 11 Lite NE other than the still occuring boot-looping
            Since the update it occured only today (I think)

              Loved the snappy performance of the system, its built-in apps, and switching apps/scrolling feeds. Downside? Easily standby battery performance!

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                • 3Ae
                • 15 Mar 2024

                s24 knockoff?

                  I don’t like the control center style. If new devices no longer offer the classic style, it really sucks. Next think you know, they will remove button navigation and only rely on that gesture navion crap.

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                    • Mike4
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                    • 15 Mar 2024

                    Sold my poco x6 Pro because of this OS, got all my money back (ok almost all)
                    Still not capable to manage the ram correctly or efficiently. So i went with Pixel 8 Pro, no such problems, I'm Never getting a smartphone that's NOT android stock.