Google Pixel 8a to be more expensive than its predecessor

06 March 2024
A new rumor worryingly implies it won't be as much of a budget choice as previous generations.

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  • Andy M
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  • 18 Mar 2024

Unknown soldier , 16 Mar 2024128 g of storage no sd card who in is right mind makes ... moreI would buy it.
I have unlimited data and a personal network storage box at home with gigabit fibre.
I have a massive library of music and video and I also have sync setup so that when I take pictures or record anything, it uploads itself straight to the network box at home.
I used to think I'd need more space on the phone but I prefer having a copy of everything at home so don't need to worry if my phone breaks or is stolen.
I used to add a 256GB MicroSD card in every phone but it's not necessary when you have unlimited data and over 120TB of storage space at home on demand.
The world is moving to cloud and remote storage so phone manufacturers aren't including MicroSD slots anymore as they're being used less and less.

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    • Unknown soldier
    • Lcg
    • 16 Mar 2024

    128 g of storage no sd card

    who in is right mind makes a phone in 2024 with 128g of storage?????
    no sd card ?????

    and who is gonna buy this ????? no one in their right mind will buy this its


      Always funny to see how hard some OEM's want to mimic Apple by asking exuberant surcharges for bigger memory storages. Are they made from solid gold and diamonds? Otherwise I just hope that the 8a will have better power management than the 7a, especially because they don't have huge batteries. Agreed, the 7a improved a bit after some software updates but it's far from being fantastic.

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        • 0Uc
        • 11 Mar 2024

        Cpt.Power, 07 Mar 2024Even if made by Caviar its not worth. Tensor chips are garb... moreThey're fairly capable, to be honest. They're just not very efficient.

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          • DooDoo
          • 4Ak
          • 09 Mar 2024

          Bad move for a budget phone. Storage is cheap, so even bumping it up to 256GB in 2024 really shouldn't be adding to the price. All entry phones should be 256GB now, or as an alternate 64GB + SD card slot. Do we need the EU to start forcing these things as a pro consumer measure? Go EU!

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            • srT
            • 08 Mar 2024

            Looking at pixel '8' low prices, if pixel '8a' will be realised at the current price of pixel '8' (which it seems it will) - pixel 8a will become the most uneconomically viable phone on the market.

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              • m}F
              • 07 Mar 2024

              Good. Then we already know we should invest in a more priceworthy alternative.

                Cpt.Power, 07 Mar 2024Flagship grade CPU equal to SD888 right. Are you okay bro???Nah I wasn't okay. I was tweaking out.

                  Anonymous, 06 Mar 2024Pixel series was made with 51% parts from Samsung. So th... moreEven if made by Caviar its not worth. Tensor chips are garbage good only for brownsing, photos and most basic tasks.

                    justasmile, 06 Mar 2024This price increase better include the 7 years of updates there!Even with 10 years of update or 100 years the hardware will not last that long.
                    Maybe 3 years with pure luck 5 then this thing dies and your many years of update gets in vain unless you willing to pay hundreds of euros for repair for a device which after 5 years will have maybe 50 eur value at most.
                    Well i like your thinking.
                    Sorry i laughing a lot on way you thinking.
                    But still i am very sorry.

                      Mills, 06 Mar 2024Makes sense to be honest. Tensor G3 is a flagship-grade chi... moreFlagship grade CPU equal to SD888 right.
                      Are you okay bro???

                        Low specced midranger with price of an expensive chinese glagship it never was a budged phone what do you talk about???

                          Overpriced bar of soap

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                            • 07 Mar 2024

                            Why google wouldn't use exynos 1480 on pixel 8a, like what they did back in the day of 3a, 4a and 5a?
                            And sell the same price of €600?
                            Making more money isn't a bad idea tho.

                              Anonymous, 06 Mar 2024At this rate they’ll have to announce a Pixel b series.😂😂😂 just like I thought

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                                • gXJ
                                • 06 Mar 2024

                                I thought the minimum $430 entry fee for the iPhone was absurd.

                                  The a series is supposed to be the budget version, why not use last year's(G2) processor and keep it $400ish. That's almost main series price

                                    Have yet to use handset with a Tensor chipset.
                                    Regardless, I were to get this (or any Pixel for that matter) I'd like 1TB of random access memory [RAM] and 1TB for read only memory aka storage.
                                    Why? To help separate an 8 year old handset start-up arm of a search engine tech co from other smartphone distributors in something other than what they've received praise for: cameras picture quality.

                                      Azie, 06 Mar 2024Yeah Tomb Raiding and stuff. that sounds like an everyday s... moreNope, just a lot of picture and videos taken, on 4K or even 8K sometimes.

                                      Sorry to have a S23U and to fill it, after one year, i've made more than 500 Gb worth of content. And have a 100 Gb library for all my 'files' and so on.

                                      A MicroSD would be perfect, not only for me considering how user complain more and more.

                                      HEAR US SAMSUNG! BACK TO YOUR ROOTS!

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                                        • Jimbob
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                                        • 06 Mar 2024

                                        Good think about the pixels is the prices tank really fast