Sony Xperia 1 VI leaked renders show the new aspect ratio

12 April 2024
As previously rumored, it's shorter and wider than its predecessor.

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"the sixth generation is ready to say goodbye to the 21:9 screen aspect ratio that made previous Xperia 1 devices stand out"
Yay, finally, Sony. Now also increase the support time of your phones and I'll start considering getting one or suggesting your brand to people seeking advice.

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    • Kai
    • MkF
    • 12 Apr 2024

    golemka, 12 Apr 2024Great news. Hopefully 5 VI same ratio so I can buy a new z3... moreSony 5 VI will have probably same possibilities - especially photographic - as Pixel 8 and the starting price is twice as high. The Pixel has long support and a good camera, while the Sony 5 VI doesn't have the same camera as the 1 VI - and the price of the 5 VI will be almost twice as high as the Pixel 8. At the price of the 5 VI you can buy a Pixel 8 Pro today. Sony has no chance for good sales numbers.

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      • Anonymous
      • IbL
      • 12 Apr 2024

      I dunno. I feel like the only brands people here in the west own are from Sammy, Apple, Motorola, Google, Oneplus.

      Sony never seemed to be the new kid on the block.
      Why? Because at the price range for the xperia flagship it has less than Galaxy S, Oneplus, Google, and ofc Apple.

      It's only great thing is the custom camera settings for non point and shoot geeks and display. (My oppinion ofc)

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        • Anonymous
        • gXJ
        • 12 Apr 2024

        MSXTurbo-R, 12 Apr 2024Among the rumors, the Series 5 and Pro (unfortunately) woul... moreConsidering the Xperia 5 and Xperia 10 are both 6.1", the reason for ditching the Xperia 5 would not be the size.

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          • Anonymous
          • 61V
          • 12 Apr 2024

          Anonymous, 12 Apr 2024Galaxy Z Fold cheap edition.Sony is the biggest fan of Galaxy Z Fold's design.

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            • Hugo
            • XUi
            • 12 Apr 2024

            Xperia for as good as they are, they are still around 10-30% overpriced.

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              • Alex Norris
              • SbF
              • 12 Apr 2024

              Jerry101923, 12 Apr 2024The 21:9 aspect ratio as a ratio for films is beneficial as... moreMost films, TV series, videos in 16:9 aspect ratio. 21:9 didn't make sense due to 5% video content

                golemka, 12 Apr 2024Great news. Hopefully 5 VI same ratio so I can buy a new z3... moreAmong the rumors, the Series 5 and Pro (unfortunately) would be discontinued. In May there would only be 3 announced 1, 10 and Ace (in Japan only or...?). Obviously, just speculation. The 5 and Pro were more in the fall so we will have to wait. Rarely does a brand announce “We are stopping this or that”, there is simply nothing more announced. A nice rumor for the Pro-I 2 was a manually adjustable zoom but...

                  Great news. Hopefully 5 VI same ratio so I can buy a new z3c lookalike phone.

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                    • Jan
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                    • 12 Apr 2024

                    Cpt.Power, 12 Apr 2024So even a Sony company went to generic boring design and as... moreYes, a very sad day.

                    A mobile phone somewhere is a couple of millimeters shorter and wider.

                    Media around the world should stop reporting on war, famine, crisis, and only write about this for a month.

                    I stand with you in true solidarity inside your microscopic bubble.

                      jiyen235, 12 Apr 2024Cameras exactly the same? Might as well price it like last ... moreYou have to wait on the unveiling time, because Sony Xperia leaks are seldomly correct compared to other brands that I observed so far, so we'll see.

                        raditz594, 12 Apr 2024Businesses leak new products on purpose dude. It's 202... moreEven if that's undeniable, Sony is one of, if not the strictest smartphone brands about their smartphone leaks policy in recent times. I mean, looking back at Xperia 1 IV and 1 V leaks, if I can remember, only a few leaks of those devices became a reality, the rest didn't.

                          Anonymous, 12 Apr 2024I am glad that Sony eventually switches to a "normal&q... moreThe 21:9 aspect ratio as a ratio for films is beneficial as it at least has a very good use. Just many ordinary users not being a fan of this ratio is not a reason to ditch a useful screen ratio for just some irregular ratio like 19:9 and 20:9. I personally don't mind having shorter screens, but Sony is simply ruining its brand value by making it less different from others. Also, there's a good reason for phones narrower than 72mm to stay, cuz not all people are comfortable with huge phones, so 71mm is a not too wide, but wide enough screen to fit more people's hands.

                            Anonymous, 12 Apr 2024They are failures. They are probably discontinued.The Xperia Ace series was actually a hit in its home country as far as I can remember, but either Sony feels the ODM didn't do the justice Sony wanted (yes, Xperia Ace was the only modern Xperia to be ODM-ed) or Xperia 5 series did better to represent Sony's Compact lineup, so they decided to end it with Xperia Ace III. Xperia Pro, on the other hand, was very expensive, experimental, and very niche even to already niche Xperia 1 series, and Sony limited the sales of the Pro series, so probably they didn't continue but its spiritual and its elements do trickle down to Xperia 1 eventually such as its ridged frame and third rear mic of Xperia Pro-I, unique main camera sensor of its time (like the LYT-800 sensor on Xperia 1 V Or RX100 VII sensor's to Pro-I) or its back grippy finishing akin to Xperia Pro. And yes, Xperia Pro-I as far as I can tell, it was still promoted in Sony Xperia's IG page earlier this year.

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                              • JH2
                              • 12 Apr 2024

                              I am glad that Sony eventually switches to a "normal" aspect ratio. 21:9 ratio is used in film industry and not many people are watching films on their phone. Moreover, the narrow aspect ratio made the screen surface very small, e.g.:

                              S24 147x70.6 mm with 94.4cm² display surface

                              Xperia 1 V 165x71 mm with 98.6 cm² display surface (also influenced by thick bezels)

                              As you can see, the Xperia thogh it looks large, it has a screen just a little bit larger than a vanilla S24.

                              And concerning the 4K resolution, I think it there is nothing to say about it. At such display sizes QHD is more than enough.

                                Anonymous, 12 Apr 2024Sony won't leak it's own phone Businesses leak new products on purpose dude. It's 2024. Online discussion and rumor is a huge part of marketing.

                                  It looks like a phone from 2018-2019. I like the widened aspect ratio tbh.

                                  I might buy one, probably won't, but I might

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                                    • Madcat
                                    • Ax9
                                    • 12 Apr 2024

                                    Anonymous, 12 Apr 2024If 5 VI and 10 VI is going to have similar dimensions then ... moreSnapdragon 695 and no 4k were the reasons i didnt buy the xperia 10 iv, went for galaxy a52s instead (which has 120hz screen unlike sony).

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                                      • vxj
                                      • 12 Apr 2024

                                      Let's see the price for this.

                                        Azu10157, 12 Apr 2024Let's add a big fat notch too and make the internals u... moreAlso let's put 200W of charging so it degrades the battery faster and make extra money from replacing batteries