MediaTek Dimensity 6300 chipset announced

19 April 2024
It features an overclocked main Cortex-A76 CPU cluster now clocked at 2.4GHz.

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  • 19 Apr 2024

Mampara, 19 Apr 2024They should have used A78 cores and Mali G68Why not A715 and A510

    Rookie Man, 19 Apr 2024Don't expect better performance in Dimensity 6000 series.We must to expect and insist .Only way to force them to apply newer technology for the same price

      Maru, 19 Apr 2024So basically another G99 with 5G? LolAnother evolution of G90

        They should have used A78 cores and Mali G68

          Anonymous, 19 Apr 2024Cortex A76? 😓😓😓 Should be at least 2x A710 @2GHz + 6x A520Don't expect better performance in Dimensity 6000 series.

            MediaTek has been making some L's lately.

              Maybe if Dimensity 6400 will be cortexa78 or 4nm

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                • 19 Apr 2024

                Snapdragon is going to bang just don't underestimate them
                Upcoming Confirmed Processors
                8 Gen 4 & 8+ Gen 4 / 8 Gen 4 for Galaxy / 8 Gen 4 OC Edition / Overclocked Edition: Sep-Oct 2024

                7 Gen 4 & 7s Gen 3: Nov-Dec 2024

                6 Gen 2 & 4 Gen 3: May-June 2024

                8s Gen 4 & 7+ Gen 4: Jan-Feb 2025

                8 Gen 5 & 8+ Gen 5/ 8 Gen 5 for Galaxy: Sep-Oct 2025

                Gen 4 Series will bring back Kyro based Qualcomm Processors & will have 2 variants 3nm & 4nm.

                Gen 5 Series will continue on 3nm & add something special from X Elite Series.

                Rumours - Yet to be confirmed

                Gen 6 Series will bring 2nm processors

                Gen 6 Series will have Deca Core Processors(10 Core)

                Gen 7 Series will have DoDeca Core Processors (12 Core)

                Gen 7 Series will have 576MP Camera Support.

                  Anonymous, 19 Apr 2024A78 is also already too old It still have 32 bit unit whic... moreNop, A78 still best core atleast low to mid range. only A720 is faster than it while using less power and V9 core are expensive.

                  Gape between A76 and A78 is huge, from A78 to A710 to A715 it's almost same that's why soc with A78 are still competitive today.

                    Anonymous, 19 Apr 2024And SD 4 Gen 2 is much downgrade in every point.4 gen 2 is way cheaper than 695 though, its close to $100 price point which make it superior to any soc at that price point.

                      R4TM4NN, 19 Apr 2024Let me spit some more chispets that are essentially the sam... moreAdd G99, G96, G95 and G90

                        Let me spit some more chispets that are essentially the same just to confuse people even more
                        There's the Dimensity, 700, 800, 720, 810, 800u, 820, 6020, 6100+, 6080 and now the 6300.
                        All of these chipsets run on the same A76 and a55 cores.
                        The sad part is that Mediatek decided to drop 4k recording on later chips even though it was present on D800u and 720.
                        Another sad thing is that the 800 series was initially a 4 core a76 chip which ultimately became the same old 2 + 6 core.
                        So, for almost 4 years now Mediatek has been screwing us with the same old chipsets rebranded time and time again with minimal changes.

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                          • 19 Apr 2024

                          Anonymous, 19 Apr 2024For cheaper mid range phones with 5G connection are pretty ... moreAnd SD 4 Gen 2 is much downgrade in every point.

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                            • mTj
                            • 19 Apr 2024

                            For cheaper mid range phones with 5G connection are pretty much limited on SD 695 5G for years already, and Snapdragon haven't released anything new for SD6 generation.

                            I think MediaTek has took over that price segment from Snapdragon.

                            And MediaTek advertises much that "3GPP Release 16 standard" 5G modem, btw SD 695 5G is only at Release 15.

                            Next big question is, how does Sony goes with next Xperia 10 VI, 3rd model with SD 695 5G or finally something new? SD 6 Gen 1 is not an option, SD 7 series would cost too much.

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                              • 19 Apr 2024

                              So basically another G99 with 5G? Lol

                                Anonymous, 19 Apr 2024I was thinking about the Arm Cortex 7xx & 5xx, the 64 b... moreThe X cores were just a comparison in performance.

                                Regarding the 32bit capability being redundant these days, yeah it's true. Dropping it, though, doesn't seem to benefit us in practical terms. IMO any benefits are too much removed from the actual companies that sell the phones.

                                Like.....ARM design these cores, then they were used by Qualcomm/MTK/SPD, and then various phone companies contract the chip designers for their SoCs. You've got at least two layers of swapping hands, and you know for sure phone makers don't care much about technicalities. Meaning any core-level benefit isn't realized nor exploited properly in the end.

                                Back to the point I was trying to make. A78 *is* getting long in the tooth, but by no means obsolete nor wasteful yet. It's a good architecture that kicks off the current gen cores.

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                                  • KhG
                                  • 19 Apr 2024

                                  The difference in performance between the Mediatek 6-series and 8-series chips is huge at this point.

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                                    • pKL
                                    • 19 Apr 2024

                                    2 big cores and 6 small ain't great for performance compared with SD which is 4/4.

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                                      • StN
                                      • 19 Apr 2024

                                      Should've been called dimensity 6100++ instead. This thing is so outdated man

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                                        • 19 Apr 2024

                                        I already see this going to powered Samsung a16 5g