TikTok is another step closer to a ban in the US following Senate vote

24 April 2024
The bill is now heading to President Joe Biden who has previously committed to signing it into law.

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The average intelligence of American citizens will increase significantly if they're exposed to less mind-numbingly boring clips of morons doing moronic things.

    All we hear about China is most probably true. The CCP is spying anyway it can but doesn't Uncle Sam do the very same for already much longer than the CCP. Are people so naive to believe that platforms like IOS,Android, FB, YouTube...(you name it) don't share willingly (or not) all necessary data with the secret services of the good old US of A? They are all the same with the almost identical agenda...power. how can they manipulate people to do exactly what they want. That's all there is to it. So, am I worried what the CCP would know about me or what the other clowns of the US of A know? No, I'm not. Am I in favour of any of them? No, not at all. Do I prase these so called "social" (the're in fact very any social) platforms where people can earn serious money while doing nothing but poisoning young, mindless, dumb youth? Certainly not but it's down to parents to educate youth to not waste time on such mediums or at least teach them that it's not vitally important for their lives. This clearly doesn't happen as parents themselves are more busy with their own "social lives" and (financial) status than being really busy with education. And the ones who don't have the luxury to care about that, are so busy with surviving and trying to meet the ends each month which doesn't leave much time for education...

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      • 24 Apr 2024

      Wait for US to win the Apple monoploy antitrust lawsuit. Then every TikTok iPhone fan can side load the app.

      As for Android, just side load as normal.

        Google, Facebook or any other USA company have the same hostility from China. It's about time america and soon Europe stand up to them.

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          • 24 Apr 2024

          *facebook is used by russians to interfere in the 2016 elections*
          US: This is fine. Facebook is totally safe.
          *TikTok is NOT used by any foreign adversary in the 2020 elections*
          US: TikTok is a national security threat and undermines our democracy
          * logic has left the US *

            "Members of the House and Senate have been campaigning against TikTok as a medium of “Chinese propaganda”, being “tied to foreign adversaries” and "providing significant amounts of user data to the Chinese Communist Party"."

            What a load of bs they made up right there, just because TikTok is chinese, and thus seen as a threat. Disgusting.

              The content on the app is generated by the people for the people. The US is just mad they can't as easily censor it and use it for their own propaganda like they use Facebook, Instagram and X. "Land of the free" my ass 🤡

                This is so problematic on so many levels.

                One, what does the TikTok ban have to do with the aid to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan? Nothing? Nothing!

                Second, ByteDance can always divest their shares in TikTok into a US based shell company or some US investing group that has ties to Beijing. So that doesn't change the metric.

                And third, the way the ban is shaped is that the President and the DC courts can, at a whim, and with impunity, classify any tech site as being a "threat" to National Security and kick it offline, unless they pay their fair share into a political bid.

                Without getting too political since it would violate the GSMarena ToS, this is the typical think of the children-isms that I expect from the US Government and Congress. The TikTok ban on its own wouldn't have had any legs, but tying it in to aid money of course would get it passed.

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                  • 24 Apr 2024

                  Ban TikTok in Europe. Ban all Chinese apps in Europe.

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                    • 24 Apr 2024

                    Lol 🤣🤣 I'm sure a lot of people here going to crying BS about this. Time to count how many comments by the end of the day 🤭🤭

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                      • 24 Apr 2024

                      Members of the House and Senate have been campaigning against TikTok as a medium of “Chinese propaganda”

                      This is such a joke. The content viewed by Americans were made by American TikTokers. When TikTok gets banned and those TikTokers move to something to Reels. Are they going to accuse Instagram/Reels of being a medium of "Chinese propaganda"?

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                        • 24 Apr 2024

                        For good mental health, i recommend completely stopping the use of tiktok, facebook, instagram, news sites, heck even the comments section here.

                          I don't support this. But, if you're going to condemn the US government for banning Chinese apps/media, then you'd better also condemn the CCP for banning US apps/media.

                          Let's be consistent when criticising BS 👍

                            tiktok merges with apple !?!?!? lmao