vivo X100 Ultra gets certified ahead of possible May unveiling

26 April 2024
It will support 80W wired charging.

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  • 01 May 2024

Can the option to search on sensor size be added in the phone finder?

    Anton .el PAPI., 29 Apr 2024The ads are nonsense!! and they can be deactivated, in the ... moreNo idea about Pixels or Samsung to be honest. I only know they are there on Xiaomi cause I am using their phones. The ads are very bad on the Chinese variant and can't be fully disabled in English. Even when you disable them they still appear on Xiaomi apks. For example when I open the Xiaomi browser or store and I will get 5 second adverts to buy other Xiaomi phones. The Xiaomi wallet is littered with ads. This is despite clicking off the option on Manage system ads. I believe they can be fully disabled if you switch to Chinese language and go through a number of steps but not all the options are present when you use the English OS on the Chinese variants so you can't fully disable them in English. 5 second ads every time you open Xiaomi apks is quite annoying. If you don't believe me send me a link to upload a video file and I will screen record to show you ads are turned off yet they still appear on most Xiaomi apks. Basically, nearly every Xiaomi apk has a 5 second ad at the start advertising their own phones with a link to buy

      Aierlan, 29 Apr 2024He's right that there are ads though. That video actua... moreThe ads are nonsense!! and they can be deactivated, in the pixels they jump one or another even from time to time even when the option is turned off, in Samsung too and they are not invasive at all and weeks can go by without you getting any, only when they have an offer for something, which sometimes one usually takes advantage

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        • 29 Apr 2024

        They are a little late, but as an owner of X90 pro plus, I trust Vivo will bring a phone worth upgrade. My only(?) concern is that in Chinese version of 100 pro they removed the 800/820 band, (due to global version?). Please include it in ultra.

          Anton .el PAPI., 28 Apr 2024You are recommending and fighting over a phone and that You... moreHe's right that there are ads though. That video actually shows the ads in the video so it's a fact that it does have ads. They can be turned off though as mentioned on the video he referred to. I wouldn't care too much about the ads but others might.

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            • 28 Apr 2024

            I hope it'll have quad camera setup. One telephoto/periscope won't cut it. There should be a regular portrait lens, and the 200mp one reserved for super zoom

              WhoCaresTM, 28 Apr 2024You actually haven't used a Xiaomi flagship yet you da... moreYou are recommending and fighting over a phone and that YouTuber you are talking about uses an iPhone hahaha, what do you see on his wrist? Just tell me the name and brand of the watch he wears on his wrist in all the videos1! Just say the name, I don't want you to comment anything else or you'll look like a fool here.

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                • 28 Apr 2024

                jiyen235, 28 Apr 2024I have used Xiaomi midrangers and understand what kind of a... moreYou actually haven't used a Xiaomi flagship yet you dare to argue for them?!
                Don't take my word for it. Just go watch countless videos on their ultra flagships riddled with adds. Go watch MrWhostheboss video titled "Xiaomi 14 Ultra - Better than Samsung?" and watch from 6:55. It's downright insulting to compare Xiaomi adds to the best Android browser that doesn't even come preinstalled anymore. And yes, it's the BEST Android browser. It's a fact. It's not my opinion. Again, Google it.

                Also, Bixby button? I loved that button. Why? I could reprogram it to do something else and never even know there is an AI on the phone called Bixby. You can turn off ads on Xiaomi? Great. Can you turn off your brain and tell yourself you've paid the exact same amount of money the S24 Ultra costs but are still being targeted system-wide with ads? Can you reprogram the ads like the Bixby button to do something else? To quote yourself" Buzz off.

                And no, I don't like Samsung phones, I like QUALITY phones, whoever the company that makes them. Unfortunately for Xiaomi, that doesn't include their phones. I've used them, including flagships. But I'd never ever put up with their software and ads.

                  Anonymous, 28 Apr 2024Using your logic, the government is making propaganda of yo... morewould've been funny if I were saying some absolutely dumb things but I wasn't, instead of a logical counterargument you settle for petty insults. What's the problem with being an orphan anyway? Rather be an orphan with a functioning brain than a brainless ape with parents.

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                    • 28 Apr 2024

                    jiyen235, 27 Apr 2024"also no freakin' ads on flagship phones" ... moreUsing your logic, the government is making propaganda of you simply because your name kept coming up in orphanage records.

                      I don't understand where this information comes from that I see people saying all the time. I have bought a global UK release Xiaomi 14 ultra and have been using the phone and camera just about all day everyday for a couple of weeks now, as you do when you get a new phone, and I have never seen a single ad for anything ever.🤔

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                        • 28 Apr 2024

                        Plz help me

                          WhoCaresTM, 27 Apr 2024Have you ever actually used a Xiaomi phone or are you delib... moreI have used Xiaomi midrangers and understand what kind of ads you are talking about, I have not tried flagships but I'm sure their ads are going to be less outrageous than their midranger's ones so I have a clue at least. I have used Samsung midrangers and flagships as well so I know what I'm talking about.

                          Okay so, when Xiaomi puts ads it's an "actual ad" but when Samsung does it it's "a software you can remove but you shouldn't" man please go buzz off. Seriously? I think Samsung Internet sucks. I don't like it at all and have never liked it in the past decade of my usage of Samsung phones.

                          Did you know you can disable all/almost all ads in the Xiaomi phone? So it's ok when Samsung does it but not ok when Xiaomi does it? I'm not defending Xiaomi's practices, I'm saying Samsung does it too and imo in some ways worse, remember the bixby button? I used to press that mistakenly all the time.

                          If you like Samsung phones that's completely okay, if you dislike Xiaomi phones that's completely okay. But to blindly hate on Xiaomi for the exact same thing Samsung does is just id*otic.

                          Phones I have tried and used include : Samsung S7 Edge, S8, S10, S22 Ultra, J7, M30, A50, A51, A32, M30, M32. Xiaomi Redmi 3, Redmi Note 3, Redmi Note 5, Redmi Note 7, Redmi Note 12 and Redmi Note 12 Pro.

                          Again, I can't comment on the Xiaomi flagships' ad usage but since I used their midrangers and midrangers and budget phones have far worse ad practices, I sort of have an idea.

                            Anonymous, 27 Apr 2024people praising samsung for more updates don't realize... moreApart from small visual changes and immense change in the smoothness, coming from Android 12, I literally do not care about fast updates anymore. I used to back in the day when Samsung's UI was slow af but not anymore.

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                              • 27 Apr 2024

                              Aierlan, 27 Apr 2024The Xiaomi 14 ultra has ads on the the European version at ... moreMy Honor Magic 6 Pro has zero adds

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                                • 27 Apr 2024

                                Aierlan, 27 Apr 2024The Xiaomi 14 ultra has ads on the the European version at ... moreExcuse me but if I pay flagship money I don't want to be the product itself.
                                Having even a single add on a flagship like the 14 Ultra is disgusting. Yet Xiaomi puts dozens of ads in every nook and cranny of the OS.

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                                  • 27 Apr 2024

                                  jiyen235, 27 Apr 2024"also no freakin' ads on flagship phones" ... moreHave you ever actually used a Xiaomi phone or are you deliberately acting a fool?
                                  Do you know the difference between an actual AD and an application you can remove (but you really shouldn't because Samsung internet is the best mobile browser by far).

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                                    • 27 Apr 2024

                                    people praising samsung for more updates don't realize that the main reason they do that is because they keep releasing the same phone every year so the extra work is minimal.
                                    Who buys an ultra phone to keep more than 2-3 years anyway, android has peaked , updates don't really add anything meaningful anymore. I'm on android 14 and could be as well on 13 and have the exact same experience.

                                      Nick Tegrataker, 27 Apr 2024Ads on Xiaomi phones are region and device-dependent (Lowes... moreThe Xiaomi 14 ultra has ads on the the European version at least. Mrwhosetheboss illustrated it on a video actually showing where the ads appear. They are not that intrusive though. I think a lot of consumers may not notice. Definitely far less intrusive than on the Chinese variant. All the major Chinese brands have quite a lot of ads in China though so Xiaomi is not really any different than many other Android brands in China. Only Nubia and Motorola seem to have virtually no ads in China

                                        WhoCaresTM, 27 Apr 2024I'd take Samsung software over even an APSC camera wit... moreSome years ago I had both Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra and Xiaomi MI 11 Ultra, MI11U with a eu rom, no adds and lit better then my S21U for sure.
                                        But it's all about temper and taste. I had the same opinion in the early Note and S series days, but lots have happened since.