HMD teases Nokia 3210 rebirth, also a trio of 4G feature phones

29 April 2024
The Nokia 3210 was the predecessor of the legendary 3310, which already got re-released several times. The company is also working on Nokia 215, 225 and 235.

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AtomicMarrow147, 29 Apr 2024Nokia 215 make more sense bcz these phones arent use for ca... morethe 235 looks rather interesting for me as a dedicated mp3 player or maybe a replacement of ipod nano.
if only they priced the phone right. like around 30 to 45 euro max. but i wonder how the 2mp performs. if they record at 480p@30fps like in 5th gen ipod nano. that would make a great use of the camera.

    i don't see the point releasing "4G feature phones" if they don't ran on KaiOS.

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      • Imran
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      • 29 Apr 2024

      I am from Bangladesh. I do agree that some people still need a feature phone for day to day life, specially people who depend on voice call rather than internet & messaging apps. But the technology became so old that many local OEMs who can not build a decent mid range android device can easily build robust feature phone under 10-15$ which can last for several years. So who are HMD competing now?

        David 040882, 29 Apr 2024Ain't nobody getting hyped for that, HMD. Well many people who dont need expensive smartphone with expensive data etc will gladly buy this.
        Its way more sturdier than smartphones and the battery will last way much longer. Its small enough to use in one hand and will be decent for elderly people or small kids as their first phone.

          Zendroid, 29 Apr 2024Nokia is dead, hmd killed it again. Ain't no coming back this time

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            • fCE
            • 29 Apr 2024

            Please HMD, stop launching one after another Horrible Mediocre Devices, how low will you go ?

              Ironically, they took a model who wasn't even born when the phone was released and has no idea what it is.

                Would it kill them to make a phone like this, but with Android in it?
                If Xiaomi can do it in China, what's stopping a Finnish brand from doing it?

                  Nokia is dead, hmd killed it again.

                    HMD executives be like: Let's pick the phones that nobody cares about and reproduce them!
                    Not to mention that GSMArena reported that Nokia name will not be used anymore. So either HMD don't have a clue about what they're doing, or GSMArena is reporting any garbage as confirmed news.

                      Nokia 215 make more sense bcz these phones arent use for camera .
                      I usually have them for mp3 replacer or torch .

                        Anton .el PAPI., 29 Apr 2024to continue selling nostalgia and the truth is I don't... moreNokia should come back to business, but not with Symbian. They would surely fail with that, because Android is too big, you see even Microsoft failed with their OS, and they are a huge company( in fact the biggest right now).

                          to continue selling nostalgia and the truth is I don't think they sell much!! Nokia should buy an HMD and get back to business with improved Symbian

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                            • IbL
                            • 29 Apr 2024

                            HMD should stick to round design not rectangular. Their round design is iconic and recognizable. Never bought a featured phone, but even less likely if any sharp sides are going to dig into my palm.

                            P.s. Do these newer ones (not just these 4) but others as well have internal antennas still for the radio?

                              Nokia seems like more of a smartphone series instead of a brand now.

                                HMD is like your highschool ex reminding you of some good times .. but the problem is your now an adult and those experiences just don't match up to the present

                                  HMD better start competing properly or they're gonna start sinking. That patent money isn't gonna last.

                                    As mentioned, the 3200 doesn't look at all like the original one. I don't know why the don't use the normal up/down and menu button of the original version instead of the dreadful omnidirectional unit. That would make it a lot more looking like (a remark that also counts for the 3300 units). Also having the plastic chassis visible would be a lot better than full cover upper and lower parts.

                                      Ain't nobody getting hyped for that, HMD.