Nokia XR21 relaunched as HMD XR21

14 May 2024
Nokia XR21 was originally announced back in May of last year.

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The Albion, 14 May 2024Your calculation is way out mate. 600 Euros = 649 dollars. ... moreSorry about that. I use Google's conversion table and read 649.19 USD as 549, somehow.

    Mills, 14 May 2024And why is this becoming relaunched? And wait...what... moreYour calculation is way out mate. 600 Euros = 649 dollars. ( at today's exchange rate )

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      • fCE
      • 14 May 2024

      hmd pulling off a pro Chinese move

        Bro Snapdragon 695 for 600. SIX HUNDRED??? You could buy an 8 gen 2 phone and still have money left... Nokia/HMD are out of there minds...

          €600 for that low specifications. C'mon you can get two Xiaomi Note 13 Pros from that price for mom and dad…
          I remember when Nokia Lumia phones were good phone until the Windows Phone System dies.. (i had Nokia Lumia phone, it was good, im crying that they don't do anything with Microsoft Store, less applications)

            I remember when Nokia Lumia phones were good until the system dies, no longer software support i bought Nokia 8 it's becoming a joke phone (overprice with low specifications). After years i finally bought Galaxy A70, its already perfect €350 phone Samsung ever made.
            Im on Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra right now. Never switching back to Nokia, overprice with low specifications and low storage... Camera is okay but c'mon €600 for that mid-gen processor, rather get Xiaomi instead, we can buy two same Xiaomi 13 Pros from that Nokia's price for my two parents...

              Nokia used to be so popular,but HMD & Microsoft,have just damaged there population,by releasing below par products that does not deserve to be released at All,the Nokia board who use to run the well like company must be so shocked ,hope someone else can move in and make Nokia back at the top in the mobile market

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                • 3P9
                • 14 May 2024

                >Sd 695
                >600 euro
                No, thanks

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                  • Carol
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                  • 14 May 2024

                  If this device receives 2 years of OS updates, the nokia xr21 should also receive another 2. Otherwise it makes no sense to work on one with the same specs but not on the other.

                    "HMD XR21 ships with Android 13 out of the box.."

                    That's just an absolute joke, just like HMD themselves, so I guess it's fitting. Good job!

                      >Android 13 out of the box
                      >600 euros

                      Holy moly. The Nothing Phone 2(a) is 10 years ahead of it, yes this is a rugged phone but I'd expect this phone to cost at best 450 euros. Specs are 200-300 euro-ish but since it's rugged I'd say it's worth 50-100 euros more but bruhh 600.

                        600 euros for that thing? hahahahahaha

                          1 why ?
                          2 price 💀💀

                            And why is this becoming relaunched?

                            And wait...what's this?! SIX HUNDRED EUROS?! HMD really thinks that a 1080p 120hz LCD is worth 550USD

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                              • 3Te
                              • 14 May 2024

                              lmfao 600 euros. this brand is dead.