Weekly poll: will you buy a Sony Xperia 1 VI or Xperia 10 VI?

19 May 2024
The 1 VI may look mostly the same, but it mixes up the Xperia formula quite significantly. The 10 VI brings upgrades of its own and a lower price to boot.

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  • Johan
  • B@1
  • 20 May 2024

Just ordered it. Needed new phone and headphones. Perfect pack. Took the green one. Hope it delivers 🤞

    Anonymous, 20 May 2024I'm one of the (few) people who loved the odd aspect r... moreI prefer a wider screen. I was actually planning on getting the 1vi but it's no longer going to be available in the U.S. I want expandable memory and a headphone jack but the price is really too high. That's the main reason, I think, that their phones don't sell much. They're niche items for the wealthy but still not quite luxury items. They could have a dedicated high quality audio DAC but they reserve that for their daps. They could have larger camera sensors, maintain the led notification, things like that. If they lowered the price and increased availability, they would likely be very competitive because other than the price, their phones are very good and are the type of thing that a lot of people are looking for who miss Android phones before they became like iPhones. Sony phones have a nice user friendly design. I will say, though, that my U.S. model 5iii has slightly lower coverage or reception than phones using the same carrier I've compared it to. T mobile. It's not bad but usually a bar or two lower when I've compared it. I do like the phone, by the way. Phones have built-in planned obsolescence. Their manufactur is environmentally destructive. Few are willing to pay so much for something that's intended to be used for about two years. Sony phones do tend to be durable but Android will force an update that will possibly either complely destroy the device or cause it to work poorly. You run the risk of that. If you don't update the phone, many apps will not work properly once they update. The batteries can no longer be easily replaced. A good pair of shoes will last longer than a phone.

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      • User
      • rpF
      • 20 May 2024

      Anonymous, 20 May 2024Gonna skip this one. My 1 V is fine. Hi, what do you think,IS it good? What are thé pros and cons according to you?

        especially considering the price, Xperia is just undesirable and not worth it to 99% of users. there's a reason why pixel is eating up Sony's market share over in Japan

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          • AK
          • 7kk
          • 20 May 2024

          Anonymous, 20 May 2024I'm one of the (few) people who loved the odd aspect r... moreLike, other brands are providing that ratio.

            • R
            • Ravikumar
            • 7j{
            • 20 May 2024

            i will surely buy Xperia 1 Mk6, if they launch in india

              • ?
              • Anonymous
              • Ib8
              • 20 May 2024

              I'm one of the (few) people who loved the odd aspect ratio. Since that's gone, I will probably look at other brands now.

                • ?
                • Anonymous
                • I@a
                • 20 May 2024

                Gonna skip this one. My 1 V is fine.

                  I would buy it immediately if you can tell me where?
                  I want a Red, 512GB version.
                  I am in South Africa.

                  Neither you nor Sony has yet replied yet to where I can.

                    • k
                    • kjito
                    • BQD
                    • 20 May 2024

                    only if the price is competitive

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                      • Anonymous
                      • mE0
                      • 20 May 2024

                      I have an Xperia 1 VI on pre order. It will replace my Xperia 1 III. Everything about the VI looks like a good improvement over the III to me... and that includes the 4K screen of the III that you can't actually tell is a 4K screen!

                        • T
                        • Techy
                        • JAE
                        • 20 May 2024

                        Anonymous, 20 May 2024IIf they drop the price to maybe $800-900 but less than $1k... moreBut that is exactly what you are getting in pre-order. The headphones cost €300 so the phone itself is around €999 🤩

                          • ?
                          • Anonymous
                          • Nsy
                          • 20 May 2024

                          I love it with all my heart it's only that I can't afford it but I will it

                            • ?
                            • Anonymous
                            • uSV
                            • 20 May 2024

                            IIf they drop the price to maybe $800-900 but less than $1k, in no second thought I'd buy it day 1, but alas too overpriced for what it provides compared to it's competitors that have released few months ago & have dropped in price. Not to mention the huge downgrade from 4k to 1080p display not even 1440p the least.

                              • M
                              • Michal
                              • A{t
                              • 20 May 2024

                              1VI is amazing but too expensive, 10VI is nice, but lacks third camera and better SOC for the money.
                              Still no better phone than my ol S20FE 5G

                                If Sony offered 2 x Zoom lenses (one of the zooms could be like 20-60mm equivalent), slightly better video and lower price, this would be a runaway success.

                                Also curious, how long will Sony have exclusivity over this LG zoom lens patent, and when will other manufacturers be able to adopt similar zooms. It's bad cause Sony sells like 1/100th ad much as Samsung or Apple. And so many users don't get zoom cameras.

                                  • ?
                                  • Anonymous
                                  • 3SL
                                  • 20 May 2024

                                  Already ordered the Xperia 1 VI an hour after the event.
                                  Can't wait for it to arrive.
                                  Manual camera and good audio input/output is what I want.

                                    After a huge lot of time, finally voted "I wish but its not available in my region" for 1 VI.

                                    Its Sony level awesome, just need it in India.

                                    Can't even recommend 10 VI, with its Snapdragon 6 Gen 1, its the Samsung made.
                                    At least they should've chosen 7+ Gen 3 or 7 Gen 3, what were Sony thinking?
                                    Even few years older midranger, the 778G is better than 6 Gen 1.

                                      • G
                                      • GeeX
                                      • tes
                                      • 20 May 2024

                                      If this device comes with 120hz and 250$ price tab, i would buy this one.

                                        blacknail, 20 May 2024Cute, but wrong! No, it's not. Actually I was undecide... moreUhm, there's literally a whole lot of other options that at that price offer 120Hz displays and better overall displays, better performing chipsets and faster charging, things that are more important than the features you mentioned. So the Xperia 10 VI is a no go, no matter what you say