Poco F6 is official with SD 8s Gen 3 and Poco F6 Pro follows with SD 8 Gen 2

23 May 2024
The F6 also has a higher resolution display and better protection than the F5. The F6 Pro, meanwhile, brings 120W fast charging to the table.

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  • 23 May 2024

Seems kinda weird, aren't both chips fairly similar in performance?

    Poco F6 pricing on European Amazon excluding early bird prices is very expensive for the base 8gb model at 450(early bird 390).

    At this price point, i would personally wait and get Oneplus Nord 4, which has bigger battery, similar performance and Oxygen/ColorOS is better than miui/hyperOS.

      zillion, 23 May 2024I don't like Poco branding. If renamed Redmi, it will ... moreIt really depends on personal experiences, I wouldn't think they are produced differently since they are both budget subsidiaries of Xiaomi. For example in my family we have used 3-4 redmis and 3-4 Pocos, and from all of them we weren't satisfied with 2 redmis, while all Pocos were more than great. I still use my Poco X3 gt from launch and i am super happy with it.

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        • 23 May 2024

        Overpriced af again in Europe. Is 390€ on the 8gb ram model. You can buy x6 pro 12gb with less than 350€. The normal f6 Shouldve started at 330-350€

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          • 23 May 2024

          You forgot to mention that the F6 "Pro" has the super killer 2MP macro shooter !

            Anonymous, 23 May 2024PMW that chinese brands claim to be 2000, 3000 or 4000 and ... moreThe PWM dimmings are true. They kick in at the lower brightness.

              Goes to show what a disappointment the 8s Gen 3 is.

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                • 23 May 2024

                PureOS, 23 May 2024Best to get it for free i guess.Your government or your dad gives it free? :)

                  jiyen235, 23 May 2024so the 8s Gen 3 is faster than the 7+ Gen 2 but slower than... moreTo make you more confused, compared to 8 Gen 2, 8s Gen 3 is slightly faster in CPU tasks, but weaker in GPU tasks.

                    Pretty good pricing, especially in India. But that 256 GB upgrade for only Rs. 2,000/- ($25), that's just sweet!

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                      • 23 May 2024

                      justasmile, 23 May 2024Except charging speed. Except the screen. Except the PWM dimming.PMW that chinese brands claim to be 2000, 3000 or 4000 and notebookcheck says value is less than 200?


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                        • 23 May 2024

                        jiyen235, 23 May 2024so the 8s Gen 3 is faster than the 7+ Gen 2 but slower than... more8sg3 is the overclocked 7+g3.
                        Should not even exist.
                        Qualcomm does because they know chineses brands buy

                          so the 8s Gen 3 is faster than the 7+ Gen 2 but slower than the 8 Gen 2, I'm sorry but what? Like how's a normal consumer supposed to understand all this? Shame on you Qualcomm, this is predatory tactics. Just like HDMI 2.1 having different specs under the same name. I mean I knew it beforehand but seeing phones come out like this still makes ME confused, I can't imagine how a normal person is supposed to read and understand it, most likely they're supposed to be confused as well.

                          Anyways these phones are mid af, the market is improving faster than Xiaomi it seems, Vivo's got those V series and IQOO Neo phones, Google's got some solid phones like the 8a/7a and even Nothing is here now with the 2a. Unless Xiaomi can undercut all of them in price, they're not better value-wise this year. Last year was a strong showing from them so maybe this is a slower year so next year can be better ig?

                            "The Poco F6 is available starting today with the base model (8/256GB) priced at $380, while the memory upgraded version (12/512GB) is $430. That said, early bird buyers will actually get these models at $340 and $380, respectively."

                            In Aliexpress we trust.

                              8mp ultrawides should be banned.

                                Anonymous, 23 May 2024Except storage upgradeability / having a reliable backup.Just that? That's your only argument left? Ok

                                  The Vanilla F6 is fine (bar the removal of the headphone jack, which is frustrating, but I personally need ANC more, so that works out).

                                  But the F6 Pro? Ehhh. The F5 Pro was the more "complete" phone simply because it had true wireless charging and an actually announced IP rating. Disappointed that had to go "just because"...

                                    Uber crappy 120% useless macro sensor on the "high end" device and not on the low-medium end device. Xiaomi never ever fails to disappoint.

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                                      • 23 May 2024

                                      Damn. Another one loses the headphone jack.
                                      They didn't have to ape that part of high-end phones...

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                                        • 23 May 2024

                                        Xiaomi made the right decision to use the 8s Gen 3 instead of 7+ Gen 3 in the F6. They're both essentially the same chip, but the 7+ Gen 3 doesn't have hardware AV1 codec support. Shame about the removal of headphone jack, since that is one thing I love about the previous F5. I never like going wireless as it adds more problem to a "solution" that never exist.