Samsung is readying a Galaxy Watch7 Ultra, leaked renders suggest

24 May 2024
The watch is said to have a very interesting design.

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tiramisu, 25 May 2024A smartphone can do everything a watch can do but faster. W... moreI agree. My real watch looks really nice and it's great for, you know, telling time. Do we really need to be attached to the da.n Internet all the f...g time?

    PepperPot, 25 May 2024Or it could be inspired by Samsung. moreThat looks like a teenager's Swatch from the 80's.

      Zendroid, 25 May 2024Going apple square but not really.? That square design is for squares but, of course, Apple people are superior. Other than clerks in Apple stores and the Apple "fan boys" on tech blogs, I've never encountered an iPhone user who approached me and scolded and mocked me for not using an Apple device. I don't care for "smart" watches but I can understand the use for them. I wouldn't mind having one if it looked like a real watch and didn't cost much to use without my phone. I could just wear it out even have it in my pocket while using a large screen phone when I'm not out walking.

        I have two working watches. A solar powered quartz watch and an automatic watch. They'll last decades if not more. They look nice and classy, too but, of course wearing one makes me an old contemptible person who shouldn't show his face in public unless the non "smart" watch is an expensive luxury watch. Yes, someone told me that I wear an "old man's watch". I'm not young so I guess that I do. Oh well. This Samsung is probably alright.

          vexus, 25 May 2024shape look like inspired by Bell & Ross or HermesOr it could be inspired by Samsung.

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            • vexus
            • IWH
            • 25 May 2024

            shape look like inspired by Bell & Ross or Hermes

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              • Anonymous
              • nFv
              • 25 May 2024

              Garmin is the only good smart watch maker. I have the Fenix 7 Pro Solar - only charge it once a month. has a proven more accurate health monitoring, better fitness apps imo and still does contactless, notifications etc.

                Going apple square but not really.?

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                  • tiramisu
                  • XPN
                  • 25 May 2024

                  A smartphone can do everything a watch can do but faster. Why do you need to know your step count and aall when we've been living for ages?
                  I bought an Apple watch, used it for a few months, it's slow and my phone does way more more quickly so the watch has been just eating dust.

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                    • koko
                    • Bnq
                    • 25 May 2024

                    Smartwatches shouldn't be round, there are no reasons to be round as there are no mechanical components like movement etc to justify the round shape. On the other hand a smartwatch with a round screen loose functionality and screen space as all the apps are originally designed for the rectangular screens of the mobile phones. Otherwise they will have to make the phone screens round as well. I believe only apple get it right on this.

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                      • 2xE
                      • 25 May 2024

                      A big thick slug of a watch?! At least (it looks like) they've reduced the size of the display bezels to a more reasonable level. Price? Well, let's see but knowing Samsung it will be over-priced!

                        Cyberchum, 25 May 2024Like when Apple decided to use "Ultra" instead of... moreLol. Its not about who used the name first. There's no TM for using the word Ultra. Its about hypocrisy. Samsung releasing an Ultra specked watch right after Apple or removing the headphone jack after Apple did (even made fun of them for that lol). Same thing with the charger. Apple has also done similar things but at least they had the guts to own up to it and take the brunt of trolls. Unlike Samsung who first makes fun of them and then copies the same thing like some rat. So don't go about defending Samsung like it's the most benevolent, god-like company in the world. All they want is your money (Apple included). Stop worshiping companies/brands and buy their products based on the value they add to your life.

                          Sammy0, 24 May 2024Hope the renders are accurate; really dig that look.It's not growing on me, but I dislike it a little less than I did this morning. It's 16.1 mm thick though. That is huge. The watch 5 pro is 10.1 mm thick.

                            TheAlienNextDoor, 24 May 2024Those TV for mice are so useless. But hey, since they can&... moreNah man you got it all wrong.

                            They figured out a way to make YOU the Tomagatchi ;)

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                              • Qadeer khan
                              • nCe
                              • 25 May 2024

                              LTE version Avilabe watch 7ultra

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                                • 05e
                                • 25 May 2024

                                Anonymous, 25 May 2024If naming is important then Samsung copying Sony's Ult... moreThe CRUCIAL differentiator is, Samsung fanboys aren't trying to use revisionism ad nauseum to market it as THEIR "innovation". Meanwhile at Apple: "We invented everything! EVERYTHING", while the whole world just shakes there heads in pity.

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                                  • CbK
                                  • 25 May 2024

                                  ThunderCrackR, 25 May 2024I think there were Samsung Ultra products before Apple came... moreNaming isn't the main issue here,the biggest issue is brands trying to become another apple.
                                  Even if not best but samsung used to make fun products back then,but lately it's become as stagnated & expensive just like apple.

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                                    • 25 May 2024

                                    Cyberchum, 25 May 2024Like when Apple decided to use "Ultra" instead of... moreand Sony use it in 2013, GTFO!

                                      Darth Caesium, 24 May 2024Am I the only person who doesn't have a major problem ... moreFor me, I don't like the design in the renders because it does not befitting the Ultra suffix. The squircle body design and the seamless strap make the whole device looks like a cheap toy, not a premium smart watch. I won't complain if the render is for the Watch 7 Lite (or FE or whatever the name will be).
                                      That was my main reason for not liking Apple watch. Sure, some analog watches have squarish body, but the expensive ones (almost) always round. Plus, it cannot connect to an android while I don't like iOS so I won't buy an iPhone.
                                      Huawe's approach for the design on Watch GT 3 Pro looks much better and more premium while having more room for whatever internal parts they need to add.

                                        Anonymous, 24 May 2024I still think it's funny apple users think samsung is ... moreIKR? Or when Samsung has been using the ultra suffix longer than Apple.