XPERIA X1 dresses up with a new thumbable interface panel

23 Oct, 2008
We guess that you probably know pretty much everything about the XPERIA X1 Pocket PC. So you know Sony Ericsson are staking much on their proprietary panels interface. It turns out that one of the panels...

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  • Anonymous

Art, 26 Oct 2008What the ... It's almost 2 years that SE is not preceding ... morewhen is the x1 going to be marketed in GCC and is it supporting arabic

  • hi

it's very nice phone but i need to ask if it supports microSd 8gb memory wthout any problems ? please help me and i also want to ask if there is any problem with this phone ????

  • Art

What the ...
It's almost 2 years that SE is not preceding in technology against the other vendors and with this huge delay on X1 which at last will be just an equal of HTC phones...I feel sorry for being a fan of SE

  • d

windows mobile is the worst mobile os ever made. its as though the programmers were trying to make it crap, theres no other way to explain it.

  • Anonymous

problem with these so called new phones is that no development team out there actually focuses on maximizing the potential of the phone....

example: my gf bought the samsung omnia after being heralded as the best... we were greatly saddened however that they is very few apps out there that could come close to maximizing what is otherwise an excellent product
ergo: we have apps that fill up have the screen.... and an accelerometer that is used simply for "style" rather than functionality..

this goes to all including HTC HD.. yeah its got a big screen but the question is:
would there be any applications or programs that would use it??

i still have to wait and see...

  • Anonymous

X1 is manufactured (made by!!!) HTC.
HTC has very bad reputation and it is clear that SE has a better know-how - so what is the reason for this shaky deal? MONEY!
HTC is cheap! and we pay the price for it with less quality and reliability.
SE keeps teasing the fans for almost a year now. X1 is still not out yet, while other many other phones introduced much later out and proved to be a reliable and their prices keep going down.

I think SE is a big trouble with Q1, Q2, and Q3 losses and unable to release X1 due to HTC´s incompetence.

  • gREg

Please let me know when this Xperia X1 available in the market?
i want to be aware about this sonyercison product.

  • Salisbury Steak

I just talked to a salesman in the Philippines a couple of weeks ago and he said that they already have X1's in their warehouse. X1 and C905 will be released in November here.

  • Anonymous

a lot of people think that x1 is made by HTC...
HTC just manufacture x1!!!
do you think SE cant make walkman and camera features?C'mon guys
SE Music and Camera quality is higher than HTC so why X1 should be made by HTC...
SE has agreement with microsoft to use 6.1 WM OS not to HTC...
SE has agreement with Qualcomm to use 528Mhz not to HTC...
do you think there is HTC phone has VGA video recorder ?
X1 use 800 x 480 resolution screen at first before HTC HD, does it mean HTC HD made by sony ericsson or follow SE step?
who is HTC ?
Think before speak!!!

  • Anonymous

Be patient, but as stated this is too late to cause much change in the market, more superior WM devices are much better than this.

But I'm happy they jumped the boat from UIQ, which was a joke.

  • Anonymous

My X1 turned up today. Not impressed, the build quality is lovely, the panels are nothing to rave about and windows mobile is rubbish.
It's going back monday!!!

  • Anonymous

The X1 was announced almost the sametime as the N96. N96 was only launched only after 7-8 months after it was announced. When a phone takes such a long time to launch I do suspect the usual software problem. Also SE is new to the Window OS. So just have to wait & see. I for one wouldn't jump into the band wagon. In the past I had used the HTC Touch & I am not impressed at all with Window OS.

  • Erick

Logistical and technological factors appear to have impacted the launch timeframe of this device quite significantly. As a result HTC's offerings appear at present to provide credible and more affordable alternatives. The question remains as to whether most future devices will be Windows based, or Java, Symbian, Android, or Linux. It is the correct integration of software and hardware in there devices. Leading to a more satisfying user experience that will determine the success of this product range.

  • dan

if u can not made the phone pls don't leak any information and let us wait like before

  • dan

like the p990 come out thousand years later.

  • B.

That interface looks good....

sony ericsson should ship their X1's with this interface as default...

reminds me of my HTC phone....

  • Pink

Is it already available in the Philippines??? how much does it costs?

  • Lovely

The XI cost around 900-950 USD, They just push back released date again, I tried to pre order with one of the phone source, they told me that today.

  • Nauman Vohra

Whats the price? of X1

  • Khalil

Anonymous, 24 Oct 2008it was actually designed and manufactured by HTC. the onl... moreummm if it was designed AND manufactured by HTC the why does it say Sony Ericsson on the top and not HTC? Hmmmmm?
Someone gave you some wrong info bud..
It was fully designed by SE and it was made at the HTC plant because of their known skill in manufacturing smart phones, that is why the SE design is unique and that is why HTC cannot use the arc slider design in their phones. Look at it this way, other companies (like O2 and Imate) used HTC to design and manufacture phones and you end up getting HTC phones and Imate phones and O2 phones that all look exactly the same. HTC cannot use SE's design cause it was completely designed and patented by SE. Now if ur just a SE hater and want to diss this phone then thats a different story.
The interface IS fully sony ericsson and the beauty of it is that they allow third party developers to make their own interface which makes the possibilities endless! i think thats a good thing not a bad one! i mean id hate to be stuck with the same interface (HTC) ALL the time! imagine if you are able to do it, you can make your own interface and install it yourself!