Bang&Olufsen are cutting off their cellphone business

29 Oct, 2008
The Danish manufacturer of all high-end tech stuff declared that they are canceling their cellphone business along with several other departments such as DVD recorders. The company is blaming its current...

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  • Sayonara Luxury Phon

This is a global trend for all niche handset manufacturers and I am sure that all of them are feeling the pinch at this point of time. I am sure that luxury devices will come into the picture again when the economy picks up.

  • z

LOL they blame the market, but really who want to buy a 2k junk that hardly do anything.....

  • Anonymous

B&O used to made phones together with ericsson (as far as i remember, they had phones that look very similar to ericsson's GH-series).
when ericsson went down, B&O was trying their luck by making their own phone (with little help from Samsung)), and now they finally realized that that won't do them no good.
nice try B&O!

  • Dani

The only thing B&O make good is the In-Ear Headphones, They rock!!

  • Wind

Seems like samsung and B&O cannot compete 8800 Series and Vertu Series. Sorry guys... When you will truly understand the Nokia state-of-art machinery, maybe, you will be able to challenge Nokia

  • Gianfranco Ferre

......... this is not a good news,i like B&O the best trade mark for high-tech gadgets!!!!i have one Serenata and i want to say that when i use my phone all eyes are on me :) beautifull
Serenata AWESOME

  • sparky

whooooooooooooo??? never even heard of them!!

  • Anonymous

good move. i look around on the street,in da club,everywhere,people only have 90%:nokia and samsung and very very few:sony ericsson and lg.all other brands are doomed. i ask myself where brands like sharp,benq,siemens,nec,philips,alcatel,sagem are selling their products???

  • alfar

this phone its not have any thing like the another phones !! and its very expenseve for what i dont know !!

  • Anonymous

Good move by B&O...cause their phones are not selling!

  • Anonymous

i think they should put the blame on themselves for coming up with a usless phone that lacks so many features for the business people who are the ones who can usually afford them.

  • T-bone

Their phones looked like rubbish anyway.

  • Anonymous

bad decision

  • sayem

1st for 2nd time :D