Nokia E63 surfaces, brings little surprises

12 Nov, 2008
After several leaks the Nokia E63 finally got its official announcement today. Much like the rumor had it the handset is a slightly downgraded and more budget friendly version of the E71. Most of the business...

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  • Anonymous

It looks like GSMArena's editor (assuming there is one in the first place) has been playing a lot of "Crysis" lately. Global Financial Crysis? WTH is that??

  • Anonymous

tim, 12 Nov 2008Financial Crysis? wtf?'s been the top story in the news for months, didn't you know about it?

anyways, looks nice, though I was hoping for better video recording this time. Might just be sucessful if the price is right.

  • Shamsudin

This kids colour.

  • briedis

read it again. c'mon. nokia e71 ~380 EUR, E63 only 200 EUR. I think this is smart move, to release more affordable version device. I am an e71 user, but if I had opportunity probably i would like to leave out an GPS function out of mine e71 and have my 180EUr back :P

  • tim

Financial Crysis? wtf?

  • Erick

This device may sell well if subsidised heavily by major carriers. However, everyone else is more than likely to opt for the E71 given its additional outstanding features and superb build quality.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]lol! next time check what you typed before hitting submit.

  • NOKIA lover

they r fooling us, nothing new in this mobile!!!

  • Gianfranco Ferre

Mycket brä

  • E63 ex-fan

Red and Blue!?
A business device in such colours?
What happened to the black version, the only one that could actually sell?
Nokia, with such nonsense, prepare yourselves to be the next GM...

  • Anonymous

E63 again? nothing's new.
where's E75?