Nokia E63 surfaces, brings little surprises

12 Nov, 2008
After several leaks the Nokia E63 finally got its official announcement today. Much like the rumor had it the handset is a slightly downgraded and more budget friendly version of the E71. Most of the business...

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  • Mkite vituko

I have NOKIA E63. bt whatsapp it doesnt support. may help me..? it is the same as shown below..

  • sandy

i have nokia e63 and it supports watsapp but as it is a symbian cell the looks will be different

  • appppppuuuuuuu

accordingly e63 is awsome phone.....features are good....i dont care that its having plastc exterior.....but it has dashing looks......i love nokia e63....

  • Sachin Panchal

My self Sachin.
I Saw that NOKIA E63 HSDPA not Sapported so i hope that you can try to fast that E63 HSDPA support..

  • Anonymous

it is not supporting whatts app... wat to do...dont want to change my cell...

  • Anonymous

Sachin, 14 May 2011How we can type _ with this phone.Press Chr key and select _

  • Susara

AnonD-12846, 04 Jul 2011I am unable to open message on my phone E 63.I have checked... moreI upgraded my previous Nokia 6 months ago to the Nokia E63. It is a cute little phone, my only problem is that we live at a place high up on a hill and our cellphone reception is very poor - some places 15 - 20%. Is their any gadget that you can add to the phone to strenghten the phone sending and receiving a stronger signal? In this town about 2 km (lower down) the signal is absolutely 100%.

  • AnonD-12846

I am unable to open message on my phone E 63.I have checked all settings can you help.

  • Sachin

How we can type _ with this phone.

  • Anonymous

Lizzziee, 25 Dec 2009I got this phone today on a contract with 'three' in the UK... morebt hw 2 do video calling from e63????

  • imran mogal

i like cell
because his feature very nice

  • Hakki A. Gohan

i love this ponsel.
karena harganya bgitu terjangkau. dan cocok buat saya. sebenarnya sudah lama sy menunggu ponsel ini..

  • arosha

I like this phone

  • Anonymous

If all you people have to complain about with this phone is the colors then you have no complaint. What difference does it make if the phone is a good phone? Think about it.....

  • Anonymous

I love this phone for being so affordable, yet stylish. It has all the required features in it and works well for me.

  • hammock

Why is it I no longer be able to install Nokia Messaging in my E63? It used to be working fine. Is there a subscription I should pay for? Where? It doesn't say anything on except to get a recent version of it, which does not work. All it does now is set the email account in the Messaging folders, which is sucks.

Anybody can tell me what's happening?

  • Shanmuganathan

* I purchased the E63 some 4 months back.

* Issue:
- The basic phone function having a bug - When there is a incoming call, the phone hangs and need to restart by holding the power key(red key with the power symbol at the right side of the keyboard).
* Other observation:
- It looks like when the E63 is accessing the SD card for playing the songs, and if the incoming call lands, the phone hangs!... Need to
confirm this

Hope this will help Nokia and others.

Bangalore, INDIA


  • Lizzziee

I got this phone today on a contract with 'three' in the UK. Its great! Internet is reasonable fast, email is easy to set up and phone is just generally easy to use with everything i want at the moment :)

  • degas

Dan, 14 Nov 2008Does anyone know how to control the music volume on the E63... morei don't know still i'm searching.some gimmick method....make us foolish like snake and ladder......

  • rajesh

nokia e 63 prise in rajasthan is rs.-10,500