Nokia E63 surfaces, brings little surprises

12 Nov, 2008
After several leaks the Nokia E63 finally got its official announcement today. Much like the rumor had it the handset is a slightly downgraded and more budget friendly version of the E71. Most of the business...

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  • suzana

im really thinking about to get this phone, but ist sounds to perfect dont know is the inernet working really well?

  • Asish Singh

Anonymous, 12 Aug 2009whats the cash price of this phone l love it Nice piece

  • Anonymous

whats the cash price of this phone l love it

  • Hardy


i bought a this phone in black color.
so is ur planning to buy 1 ask ur dealer...

i'm loving it & better option then big B 71..
at this price tag..

  • imjustchillinout

Hi guys, can this phone play movies as well?

  • shut up

Flag, 14 Nov 2008Hi,even the iphone is going plasticiphone 3G using plastic because thats have a purpose to able to use better 3G reception then if they using the 1st gen iphone

so the purpose iphone 3G -> get better reception 3G

thats sh*t have plastic because they want to make cheap for ppl who can not able to buy E71

so E63 purpose of using plastic because for make the price down

morron, dont say before you think....

  • Lekan

The nokia e63 is one of the best mobile in the world today.We thank nokia

  • ILove_E63

Anonymous, 15 Nov 2008If that's the case, why did Nokia choose Indonesia as the l... morethat's because 90% of high ranking official only use nokia communicator.

If you see a man in batik (batik is a Indonesian official suit, kind of businessman in wall street wearing black suit). And it's using E90, then it might be a government official or someone that have a relation to the government official.

  • saurabh bakshi

i am planning 2 buy a set e-51 or e-63 which would be the better option.when will e-63 be launched.And i think there is no big differnce in both mobiles.please suggest me friends which should i buy...i want a little better speaker sound

  • Anonymous

ILove_E63, 15 Nov 2008The salary of bank manager in Indonesia just around US$ 700... moreIf that's the case, why did Nokia choose Indonesia as the launch country for its flagship E90? I remember reading some reports that mentioned people in Indonesia being crazy for that phone..

  • ILove_E63

Anonymous, 15 Nov 2008If I remember correctly, the receptionists in my office in ... moreThe salary of bank manager in Indonesia just around US$ 700 - US$ 900. So, I think Nokia E63 will sell big amount only in third world country like ours.

On a sidenote,
if you had US$ 1000 salary in Indonesia, you will live like a king. You could afford 2 servant & a driver for doing your choirs.

  • Anonymous

ILove_E63, 15 Nov 2008Dubai surely sound like a heaven to me. Here in Indonesi... moreIf I remember correctly, the receptionists in my office in Dubai and Abu Dhabi earn approximately 4000AED (dirhams) = 1100USD. I may be a bit off target though.
A good waiter friend of mine at a local 4* restaurant here just bought a N95, so it's not as if they are hurting for money.

I know tons of folks from Jakarta who are working out here.

  • ILove_E63

Anonymous, 13 Nov 2008I've to Dubai, and I also lived in US. Dubai makes US like... moreDubai surely sound like a heaven to me.

Here in Indonesia most of the waiter in the restauran, can only afford a second-hand hand-phone. They usualy bought the one price between US$30 - US$50. (Salary around US$ 50 - US$ 80 EACH MONTH).

The worker in office building such as office boy/girl, most of them buy a second hand too (some buy the new one), they could only afford handphone between US$ 50 - US$ 90 (their salary is around US$ 90 - US$ 130 EACH month).

The higher level of worker such as receptionist, in Indonesia with a salary between US$ 150 - US$ 220, could afford a handphone around US$ 100 - US$300.

so, that in country like mine.... E63 will ROCK.....

I Love E63

  • O_O

Why the hell did they downgrade the camera.

  • ILove_E63

Anonymous, 15 Nov 2008Where its black color? That's kid colors are nonsense.Nokia... morethe color is great!!!
it's my color
i like the red one.

it's very eye capturing.

  • ILove_E63

Flag, 14 Nov 2008why are u crying,buy the e71 it's got steelI don't cry about E63 don't have the steel casing.
I love the blue-bery red-bery of E63 ;)

I just saying in reply to others, that E63 is a bit thicker than E71 because it use plastic.

And I don't mind the plastic. The price is great. The price is right. It's within my price range.

Although I drool for E71, I'll definitely will buy E63.


  • Anonymous

Where its black color? That's kid colors are nonsense.Nokia wake up!!

  • Flag

Anonymous, 13 Nov 2008The plastic body would be cheap.How can you use a business ... moreHi,even the iphone is going plastic

  • Flag

ILove_E63, 14 Nov 2008I dis-agree with you. E71 and E63 have a different target ... morewhy are u crying,buy the e71 it's got steel

  • ILove_E63

majid, 14 Nov 2008why this is 2mm wider and 3mm thivker than e71 although fea... morebecause nokia can't make a 1mm plastic casing,
whereas the E71 stainless steel can be made with 1mm thickness.