Sony Xperia Z1 prices hit the web: $730, €650, £564

05 September, 2013
The online retailers expect the first stock of Sony' latest flagship to arrive September 16-20.

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  • Wiser

Anonymous, 05 Sep 2013Note 3 is the way to go... Yeah only if am stupid

  • Android Man

Awesome phone you have to pay a awesome price. to be honest on a contract it wont that bad. i look forward to playing with one.

  • Anonymous

Note 3 is the way to go...

  • AnonD-173553

well there is one last thing to say..come on NEXUS 5

  • Anonymous

the chef, 05 Sep 2013the chefReportRating0 Sony has so many problems in xperia ... moreI dont know what is your talking about, i have xperia z and until now i dont have a problem to my phone.

  • Clinton

AnonD-4963, 05 Sep 2013too expensive.. fancy camera, but too expensive!! Xiomi M3... moreLol lol really?
Both phones have same specs?? Lol lol ok

  • AnonD-166796

Well looks like I'll be getting the g2!!!! Or note 3!!!!

  • Anonymous

I thought the era of overpricing phones had ended when Ericsson got out of the picture. Apparently, it still continues in Sony today.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-97213, 05 Sep 2013damn, Sony's products are overpriced. I think they don't wa... moreHmm lets compare it with note 3 then?
Still around $750 I quess

  • AnonD-134497

Again, why Lumia 1020 was said to be expensive when it was also announced to be available near the same price?

  • AnonD-97213

damn, Sony's products are overpriced. I think they don't want to sell their product anymore

  • Anonymous

ollyb1, 05 Sep 2013once again the UK always pay more if u consider the exchang... more700$ is a little bit expensive.maybe because the camera has G lens.Wish it gets cheaper sometime after launch.

  • AnonD-174058

verry nice :-)

  • danny

In France the Z1 is available in pre-order but at 699€.

  • Anonymous

after i saw the honami and note3 , lg g2 is my final choice!!!this will be my first lg phone!!
im now an lg fan!!! from sony xperia z to lg g2....

  • Anonymous

Sony smartphones are nice but their user interface is not appealing

  • JohnnyMeM

Crazy. LG G2 with its €550 target price is more valuable.

  • Paximos

Always a good idea to wait a little..Price will come down.

  • gator boy

Why no news about the Sony xperia C???????

  • eli577

Holy s**t, well, that's not cheap.