Sony Xperia Z1 prices hit the web: $730, €650, £564

05 September, 2013
The online retailers expect the first stock of Sony' latest flagship to arrive September 16-20.

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  • the chef

the chefReportRating0
Sony has so many problems in xperia z,has sony corrects their display problem yet.the display goes dim after several minutes even the backlight time is set the continues dimming until you let it idle for abt 5 minutes.2nd heat issues,the gadget goes hot easily same as s4.3rd very feeble voice call and audio.4rd bad battery quality.the battery lifes shortened easily after few charges.5th slow alphabet input.6th it is not water resistant device.many issue were made that the device goes blackout after accidentally dropped into water.7th it has a poor viewing angle, sunlight legibillity and the colour saturation is dull n pale compare to xperia Tx not to mention s amoled. 8th weak flash. Anybody buying if hanomi still have this problem or be disappointed!!!

  • Anonymous

Pricing info for the new Sony Xperia Z1 is starting to appear online. Clove UK has the flagship at £564 (including VAT) and notes that the first stock is expected to arrive on September 16. For comparison, the old Xperia Z is £450.

Negri Electronics has priced the Xperia Z1 at $730 and will get it in stock a few days later, on September 20.

The Erman press release has prices for the ZZ1 and the various other accessories – the flagship Android phone will cost €650, the availability is a vague "Q3". Unfortunately, we couldn’t find it in any German stores yet.

The press release also lists the prices of the accessories showed off yesterday. The Cyber-shot QX100 lens-style camera is €450 (and $500 on, the QX10 is €200 ($250). The Sony SmartWatch 2 is scheduled for Q3 at €200. The Smart Imaging Stand is €120, while the simple tripod is €40, both are coming out at the end of the month.

We handled the Xperia Z1, the QX lens-style cameras and the other accessories at the IFA grounds, here's what we thought of the

  • galendo

thats so cheap guys.....i mean $730 its lyk R7300 in South Africa....i iphone 5 cost abt its pretty much cheap or reasonable....

  • AnonD-4963

too expensive.. fancy camera, but too expensive!! Xiomi M3 has the same specifications, and carries a Sony lense, yet costs nearly half of this

  • AnonD-130464

LG G2 with its €550 price tag is a wiser choice(considering tones of exciting features which G2 offers).

  • AnonD-109876

679€ in ...

  • omg

Tok much! For one year flagship this is too much. And on this price You need to add earns of resellers ... Tooooo much mony for phone!

  • dave

Info regarding Australian release dates/price for Z1 and Z Ultra.

Very decent. Retailers should have it a few dollars cheaper than RRP. We are getting it cheaper than the UK, strange!

  • Anonymous

Too Expensive!
if this is the real price, you need to keep in line with other phone company prices.
and a big jump from xperia z
i was thinking about this phone, but not at that price..

come on sony.

  • the_seba

That's about the same Xperia Z started with. Fortunately it's price dropped significantly in the first months of availability so anyone wishing for a discount, be patient, you'll get it for €500 (unlocked) around Christmas season.

  • Anonymous

UK pay more?
Its a free phone, unlockwd with a free Sony Cyber-shot QX100 at £33 a month?
Thats amazing!

once again the UK always pay more if u consider the exchange rates

  • ?????

Anonymous, 05 Sep 2013Carphone Warehouse will give you a Unlocked Z1 on a contrac... morehow much though..... CPW always do cheap deals. shame they lose loads of $$$$$

  • Phone Shop Staff

I work for Phones 4 U in England. The Z1 is pretty freaking amazing. Get hands on products before GSM put up their blogs

  • Anonymous

Carphone Warehouse will give you a Unlocked Z1 on a contract and a FREE Sony Cyber-shot QX100!

  • sumanth_xperia

wat about the pricing of xperia Z1 in indian market...

  • AnonD-27765

The smartphone market is now oversaturated. Highend phones should be priced not higher than 600 dollars considering how these phones will be obsolete in a couple of months.

  • tanzim31

Its better to get a lumia 1020. But considering the software side windows 8 phone still behind. it sucks!

  • AnonD-168372

cybershot priced like a phone.