Nokia Wahoo spotted, GPS and half QWERTY on board

13 Nov, 2008
After the promising leak of the Nokia smartphone roadmap, we have more hot news for you, this time with photos. Codenamed Wahoo, the new Nokia flip phone stands out with its half QWERTY keypad and..

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  • korean109

ewww...i will burn those wahoo-yahoo-cargo ships

  • winx

this phone will be my moto razr v3i and nokia e61i combine. cool...

  • sprkeh^

dont like it, half blackberry/half moto razr kinda car crash victim but eugh... just not nice!

  • Fuji

Mr. Insha Allah r u a Nokia fan? If not it's very funny of u to shift on a phone so similar, maybe twins, to the V9.

  • Anonymous

wow this phone make so many people mad

but what attractive those people??

  • jjsoviet

JBanks, 17 Nov 2008I did not realize how bad NOKIA is so desparatly out of des... moreThe RAZR2 V9 and V8 fare better than this knock-off. The RAZR's look cooler as well compared to the Wahoo, although these do not possess specifications that are on par with the NSeries.

  • JBanks

I did not realize how bad NOKIA is so desparatly out of design creativity that they had to put their name on a desguised-wanna-be-new-tech Motorola RAZR!

  • Ahmed Nasr

i have a Motorola V9, I love Flip Phones and it would be Wonderfull to see Nokia Goes to make slim phone i will be the 1st one use it in Egypt insha Allah

  • Anonymous

cmon !!! .... Thats a RAZR !!! .. its a 2004 design? nokia should do better

  • Rui Mauricio

with no wi-fi.. this nokia doesn't stand a change in today's market..

  • jjsoviet

alexxx, 16 Nov 2008i dont get how this can be a motorola copy at all. what pa... moreWell, the flip design and thickness of the Wahoo resembles the RAZR V3.

  • Anonymous

half qwerty? i think the idea is crazy.. c'mon

  • alexxx

i dont get how this can be a motorola copy at all.
what part of the design is like a motorola?

  • Red_Capitalist

what the....??? is ugly phone, codename wahoo is refered to a possible Yahoo! phone, but looks like a motorola with a qwerty keypad...

  • ars

looks like blackberry crahed to motorola

  • VJ

I totally agree with eugen!!!

  • Anonymous

lol?? this phone make so many people mad???

  • eugen

Looks like nokia designers just ran out of ideas.I can't believe that a respectable mobile company such as Nokia is copying designs from Motorola(lol?).Nokia has stopped releasing phones with innovative design and relatively good features.I am a great Nokia fan,all my phones were Nokia,but after the N95(except for the big problem with the battery)they didn't release something good.Even the N96 don't have the succes of it's predecessor.

  • Danish

NokiaDict, 14 Nov 2008"Wahoo" is just a codename like "Sharaku" which is the code... moreI want to know more about this phone. Can you let us know that how come it is better then other clamshell phones in the market.

  • Danish

What a clever Nokia, you cheated the design of Motorola...