Nokia Wahoo spotted, GPS and half QWERTY on board

13 Nov, 2008
After the promising leak of the Nokia smartphone roadmap, we have more hot news for you, this time with photos. Codenamed Wahoo, the new Nokia flip phone stands out with its half QWERTY keypad and..

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  • noidea

1.bad name.its nice that now nokia named their phone like sapphire arte,corolla & blablabla.but WAHOO??nokia must be lost their sense of creativity but given more sense of humor
2.the spec is not that impressive.the codenamed phone of a great brand like nokia have to be the great phone too!

  • PS34Life

I thought the RAZR design was out?

  • Anonymous

bad name...

  • Anonymous

errrrrr that phones fugly >>>> :P

  • RoRo

I believe nokia's strategy is push out all the low end phones because the economy is demanding them. For every 1 high end phone nokia sells they probably sell 30 or 40 low end phones. 30 low end phones at $200 a piece makes more money than 1 at $1000. The demand for high end phones is low at the moment so why release them if they're not going to sell. Nokia knows what they're doing... It just sucks that we have to wait. I've had $400 sitting in my bank for over a year waiting for the 5800. If its not out by january i may have to go with a iphone

  • Anonymous

its canceled i think... its a sure flop in market.

  • Daone69

it just looks like the v3 razr but wider. dont phone companies like nokia have any originality left

  • Anonymous

Nokia playing with 2MP camera..........

Its really nice............

  • Anonymous

Wahoo! what next, GOHOO?

  • lifestalker

what kind of phone is dat?????????
half qwty keyboard?????????
same model with what motorola came out
nokia,u r left behind and come out with phones with 8cam or wad...
something new

  • Bobby

Its mostly cancelled. I however support the half qwerty pad. I think more smartphones should try n include this format as it keeps the phone sleek yet is suitable for large handed, thick fingered users. E71 is a dream phone for biz users but the keypad is massive let down. Keep the phones to a min 15mm thickness I say.

  • james