Nokia Wahoo spotted, GPS and half QWERTY on board

13 Nov, 2008
After the promising leak of the Nokia smartphone roadmap, we have more hot news for you, this time with photos. Codenamed Wahoo, the new Nokia flip phone stands out with its half QWERTY keypad and..

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  • Anonymous

why is it that when nokia makes a phone unlocked, 99% of the time it has an fm radio, but when it's for at&t, they take out the fm radio?! That's screwed up! I can't think of one nokia phone on at&t that has an fm radio in it, but I can think of almost every nokia phone made unlocked with one. Screw you at&t!

  • ......

look likes a fusion between V9 and the pearl...
as owr friend below :"doesnt looks good.."

  • Anonymous

moto hoho

  • Anonymous

Waaaaaahoooooooooooooo \o/

Omg. What's this?

-no good features.
-Kinda large phone, imo.
-Too much large for a RAZR-inspired phone. Keep at it Nokia.


  • Anonymous

Wahoo? v3razor reloaded.

  • phidao

Nothing impress me with this phone, nothing's attractive even i'm nokia fan.

  • Anonymous

never liked flip phones, their good for girls to keep in their purse cause theres no accidental calls, but this is just ugly even for girls

  • tech fanatic

no Wi-Fi??
this should be cheaper than E63

  • Anonymous

Hello Moto!

  • Anonymous

Looks like a Motorola flip phone!

  • Mozenradt

The lower portion looks like Motorola and the phone is much wider I guess. Though it is not clear in this angle.

  • Anonymous

Wahoo??? What's next, the Nokia Woogle... it may probably have Wamazon widget... or webay... Dumb!!!

  • Danilo

Half-qwerty means worthy. Forgive me for the play of words but it's really intimidating to use this type of input solution.

While dedicated QWERTYs just rely on the write typing for input to be successful, half-QWERTYs require a special algorithm to predict the desired word after the total keystrokes have been generated (two letters per key. This works perfectly for the english language but suffers with other languages (requiring inbox support).

In the Philippines, for example, texters create text messages employing super-abbreviated words to compress as much content possible into the 160-char limit. Example: m curntly w8ng 4 my documt8tn 2b apruvd by d apropriatns coMT by PM. The sentence is essentially correct but I doubt if the software algorithm would allow you to generate such message

The sentence actually reads: "I'm currently waiting for my documentation to be approved by the appropriations committee by afernoon."

  • Sam N91 user

I highly doubt this phone will be a success ...

I mean, a 2 MP Cam only .. and reg. Music- We know music is not good in Nokias generally ...

So, where does this set stand? Business needs? maybe ...

Focus is still not clear ...

  • Anonymous

wahoo? half qwerty? razr-like look? nokia out of ideas or what?

  • boy

it doesnt look good

  • Anonymous

YAHOO! Phone? (Google Phone killer! DUH!!)

  • Anonymous

RM-401 Roxy, version of 6650 with half-QWERTY keyboard added. includes Mail for Exchange. quadband GSM, HSDPA, status : Canceled

  • Adrian

That phone looks outdated, is it a late April Fool?!

  • Dani