Nokia Wahoo spotted, GPS and half QWERTY on board

13 Nov, 2008
After the promising leak of the Nokia smartphone roadmap, we have more hot news for you, this time with photos. Codenamed Wahoo, the new Nokia flip phone stands out with its half QWERTY keypad and..

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  • Anonymous

I don't like this phone at all. Mediocre at best.

  • Anonymous

What the deuce! Never make this phone!

  • NokiaDict

"Wahoo" is just a codename like "Sharaku" which is the codename for Nokia N82, "Tube" for Nokia 5800 XpressMusic and "Leevi" for Nokia E71...

  • e_mc2

hey anonymous if u want good design of phone,u make ur phone by urself ar..

  • Anonymous

looks like blackberry?? Well ITS THE SAME THING... Only a Nokia logo... Nokia needs to find a new designer coz all their phone is copy or same design in different color...

  • Anonymous

This phone doesn't exactly make me want to say 'wahoo!' ...

  • Kal

BlackBerry Pearl is Motorola V3 shell.

  • CK

Look at it, the out-look really not attractive, the E71 is much better then this.

  • Anonymous

It look like a Motorola Razer

  • Alberdo de Koe

The design almost looks like the Motorola's. NOT COOL AT ALL!!!Nokia should start to think out of the box.

  • pajedara

Anonymous, 13 Nov 2008Wahoo??? What's next, the Nokia Woogle... it may probably h... moreWoogle, Wamazon, Webay, hahahaa....
i like your post.... =))

  • xxx

yeah, garbage...
BB follower.... (qwerty clam cell)

  • vvaqas

i doubt if this one will ever come into the market......... HuH!!!......

  • Anonymous

It looks similar to moto razr a true copy with difference in key pad that too half qwerty

  • Anonymous

It's not Yahoo. It's Wahoo. Have another read :)

  • Anonymous

blackberry+V3. V3 returns :p it should be Nokia Wacky, not Wahoo :p

  • Agunk

This Nokia or Motorola V3 last version..???

  • Anonymous

motorola v3

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]I know it is a codename... it is still dumb, just like you!

  • Anonymous

this is just trying to copy the pearl flip