Nokia kicks out N96 Bruce Lee edition in Hong Kong

20 Nov, 2008
Nokia has officially released in Hong Kong an action-ready Nokia N96 Bruce Lee edition, which will knock you off with exclusive accessories and back panel imprint of the legendary martial arts master Bruce Lee...

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  • Reji

Bruce Lee is God

  • carlos

thanks nokia for the release !!!!!


i love bruce lee and i love nokia

  • Ed

I don't know about this phone, but Bruce Lee is an icon.

  • Hongdolaxi

For those who think the phone is crap with the bruce lee logo, and say it's too expensive:

1. are you living in China? if not, the phone is not for you, unless you take a flight to China but get one, so please repect the phone and the logo, and stop saying "I want Sylvester Stallone on the phone" cos the phone is not for you!!

2. too expensive for a gatget will never be the reason for stopping people buying it, probably not in Europe or the USA, because more of the society cannot afford to buy such a phone, they can only "financial" it, which is get a contract, how sad. and no one is getting a top phone on pay as you go, sigh

  • Leo

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  • Anonymous

im hoping they'll include a bruce lee game in the fone....

  • Tankiso, RSA

I'm soooo in love with my Nokia N96, its very good. It's once, twice, three times a cellphone!!

  • kako

sony expiria X1 a wepoen of massive destruicion edition in or pocket

samsung omnia apple limited edition becouse every one hates iphone

nokia 3310 the godfather edtion

LG life is good or not edition

iphone dragon ball Z edition

  • 1337c4mp3r

I hope the phone is as fast as the martial arts legend, otherwise it would just be an insult xD

Bruce Lee lives on!

  • Anonymous

there is also a limited edition of N96

is the early one,

WWF version, a bit expensive, the box is different from N96, it is a WOOD BOX

  • Anonymous

lol better than 256K colour screen la the 16M

portable video player with enable to play WMV,FLV,RM,3GP,MP4

  • ars

so huge 2,8'' screen and only foggy qvga,it's useless,also nokia quality isn't good enouhg lately but price very high,who will give 1300 for sticker of lee?

  • anonymous

J wait for tom & jarry edition

  • Anonymous

I´m just waiting for the Jackie Chan version to come out... lol

  • Robinder Singh

Bruce Lee phone; Does it go WAAAAH, when switched on? Them lil nunchukka could be classed as a dangerous weapon.

  • Umair

Actually my friend Nokia isn't making crap Lol what they are trying to do is master a 5mp wifi enabled phone i.e each time they release a phone with similar specs such as wifi, 5mp camera, GPS Navigation, etc they manage to remove all of the previous bugs and flaws( or most of them such as better battery life,etc)...

and right now it is said that the N85 is much better then all other phones in the N series because of a few more extra features, O-led screen, and ofcourse better battery time =p! lol

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Nov 2008good ridance by the way! bye byeeeeeThis person always make problem with Motorola forum and Nokia forum.

  • Anonymous

Hey Mr. Anonymous i guess ur talking too much..let ppl speak what they wanna speak..ppl has their own point of view..i am a nokia lover right now using N82...and still stuck in mind tht whether i shud go for N85 or not...nowadays nokia is making crap mobile (i am saying it tho i am a die hard fan of nokia i have used almost all the nseries sets i just love n series) but thing is i dunno what happened to nokia>? N96 and 85 what is the difference...same design same specs..yea maybe 2 or 3 stuff are different but does it matter..noo..and most importantly a huge tag price..and now this bruce lee edition..worth 1300US..i dont get it..yea maybe there are people who can afford it (including me, tho um not showing off okay) but still the price is too much....and i would never agree with you that this is a good marketing point making is going down day by day and i dunno why are they doing all these..if they want they can make excellent fones like's a flaws at all i would say...after making such a flawless fone they cant afford to make mistakes in their newer version...and releasing such stupid edition fones i think its useles..yes i do respect bruce lee and i would say its very nice to have a fone dedicated to him but still, they could have made the fone look better in the bruce lee version...doesnt interest me...

thats all thanks...and mr. anonymous stop talking and get the h3ll out of here orite!! what say ppl? =P lolxxx

  • UK



VERY GOOD NOKIA*****************