Nokia kicks out N96 Bruce Lee edition in Hong Kong

20 Nov, 2008
Nokia has officially released in Hong Kong an action-ready Nokia N96 Bruce Lee edition, which will knock you off with exclusive accessories and back panel imprint of the legendary martial arts master Bruce Lee...

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  • sale987

LoL peoples will be stronger with this fon ahahahahahah ;D

  • Anonymous

good ridance by the way! bye byeeeee

  • Anonymous

Good one, just keep goin, i already mailed gsmarena to look inte to this thread and block your ip adress for good. It has already worked all the other 3 times before with e mailing them. So don't be surprised if u can't write ever again on gsmarena after in like 5-6 hours.

  • anonymous

Bruce lee edition for kids! nice! but j want dragon ball edition!! please!

  • Spy

The Lord, 21 Nov 2008I don`t know. Probably becouse of how they behave. You is Italian????

  • The Lord

Spy, 21 Nov 2008Why, Lord why, tell me why...I don`t know. Probably becouse of how they behave.

  • Spy

[deleted post]Why, Lord why, tell me why...

  • Anonymous

hey its bruce!!! a collectors item must have! well my christmas present to myself is decided now by all means!

  • Spy

What's next??? V9 Sr. Madruga Edition???

  • bruce lee no1

im bruce lee no1 fan i wana hve diz fone as bruce lee edition but wish price too low dman release in uk yeh fuk yo ass

  • the hacker

you can make your own theme at or get a laser engraving on the back panel with the image U choose get movie from the net and still save about 500$

  • jimmy

a good choice and a brave try

  • ErikTHEking

haaayyaaaa!!, 21 Nov 2008this phone is must have!! No, my friend u r wrong! Bruce Le... moreI perfectly agree about all of the names and brands, but Pepsodent? What is that? I would not say that is famaous than Bruce Lee or Coca Cola!

  • Anonymous

by the way sum folks on the thread are makin fun of this, you think nokia executivs r thinkin "hey, we made a bruce lee phone, it's so hip, we are so cool if we release dis phone" haha, dont think so, i think they are jus marketing geniuses, they r jus makin more money of a already released product. aiz don care, im getin 1 from santa dis year.

Enter da Nokiiiia

  • haaayyaaaa!!

this phone is must have!! No, my friend u r wrong! Bruce Lee is much more famous the Mao Zedong.. you go to the smallest village in the third world or hillbillies in midwest usa.. everybody heard of Bruce Lee.. trust me.. read a survey where asked people from all parts of the world about 5 brands or persons they know of.. they were Coca Cola, Michael Jackson, Bruce Lee, Pepsodent and Maradona.

Haaaayyaaa, getting this on for christmas 4 sure!! Bruce Lee the king of retro culture!

  • Anonymous

please make this available in SA we need something different

  • Akbar

Bruce Lee never used a cell phone himself...I can bet!!

  • zocc

DYL, 21 Nov 2008hi there ppl can someone tell me dat i just got a new nokia... moreDon't worry, Nokia opened new factory in China few months ago.So there is nothing fake.I have an N82 and also says "Made in China". and works like a charm.From now on every new model will be made in China.By the way the fake models are easy noticeablle.They don't have the same design as original and deffenetly the software isn't symbian.So enjoy your phone.

  • Anonymous

wow! please nokia make this available in the uk! I want one!

  • decoy master

im gonna find a way to have this phone....
bruce lee represent