Qualcomm VP: Apple A7 chip is a marketing gimmick

02 October, 2013
Anand Chandrasekher adds that consumers get "zero benefit" from the 64-bit architecture of the A7.

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  • AnonD-121494

redlite, 02 Oct 2013So its a gimmick yet they are also working on a 64bit chip...See... moreIncase you've not noticed by now, a lot of mobile devices running high end Qualcomm chips have maxed out their RAM allowance of 3GB, Qualcomm is designing 64bit to use 4GB+ of RAM, unlike Apple who merely implemented 64bit architecture to lure in Apple fans with something new.

  • AnonD-121494

carlo, 02 Oct 2013qualcomm's jealous of apple... obvious lolwut. Qualcomm makes far superior mobile processors.

  • Surprise!

LOL Big Shocker! haha Apple and their Marketing Gimmicks.. C'mon America #WakeUp

  • samsung rules

carlo, 02 Oct 2013qualcomm's jealous of apple... obvious Their not jealous of apple because the chipset itself is not made by apple but by samsung but of course they're not jealous of samsung as well

  • carlo

qualcomm's jealous of apple... obvious

  • Anonymous

What The Heck! Lolz

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Yes, it will be bigger.

  • Dilip

Qualcomm vp is really mad. Instead of commenting on other's products just concentrate in developing ur product. Apple has die hard fans like me who will not change their iPhone whatever u comment. U cannot just beat apple. Apple is the best in the world & nobody can challenge apple.

  • green

so a 32bit OS with 64bit processor???

with 32bit Apps in it??

since the beginning it's obvious 64bit is gimmick.

  • AnonD-190025

A chip that performs almost as same your company's 2.3 ghz processor with 4 cores at 1.3 ghz with 2 cores is a marketing gimmick . OK LOL.

  • AnonD-111717

butthurt qualcomm, LOL!

  • AnonD-164067

look at the bechmark! 64 bit or not A7 score the same as Nexus 5!!!! and it's only dual-core with 1gb Ram.

  • AnonD-27765

And Apple will say quadcore is gimmick also. It's a battle of which gimmick is best and Apple wins in that regard.

  • cjdelphi

the fact 64bit allows you to address memory greater than 4gig will /one/ day be of importance, it's another 5 - 10 years before we see 4gig as standard.

But when we do start seeing 4gig/8gig/16gig of ram to complement the 4k screen resolution on a 6inch mobile screen, sure then it might be handy...

Just not yet, it's not needed.

  • Anonymous

Well, Apple is only powered by their marketing team. Steve Jobs would have done nothing if it weren't for them. I think that a lot of people would shift to Android if they use a high-end one for some time. That happened to my friend. The way Apple gets a lot of customers is by showing features like they are the only ones with them even though the competition has had it for a long time. Long story-short, Apple is a marketing company, not a computer company.

  • Anonymous

Qualcomm simply overjeleous that their 64 bit chips only available next year yes i repeat next year. 2014...lol ...

  • AnonD-150040

Exactly. Well said qualcomm.

  • redlite

So its a gimmick yet they are also working on a 64bit chip...Seems legit..

  • AnonD-192489

The benchmarks are really impressive. maybe Apple can come up with 4GB RAM in the phone, or something along those lines which can fully utilise the 64-bit structure. Apple has always made stuff which is actually a stepping stone to the next...

  • AnonD-134497

So Apple fans are paying more because of a "marketing gimmick" which is of zero use. Brilliant minds LOL