Touchscreen Nokia N97 is the next step ahead with full QWERTY

02 Dec, 2008
The Nokia N97 is most definitely one of the most loaded N-series devices out there, but that's not it's all about. The N97 is the first high-end device powered by the latest touchscreen Symbian S60 OS...

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  • Keko

Can't wait...!

  • Anonymous

nokia a, where is the product page for N97??? don't have also the don't have a

  • Gillan

I have been using HTC Tytn II for a year. I think the tilt display inspired by(or copied??) from Tytn II.

  • n@y@n

hey dude, i know from another sources that n98,n99 coming also in the next year. n98 has 7.2 megapixel camera with xenon flash and 5x optical zoom,24 gb internal memory, 8/16 gb card slot and most exciting matter that the symbian version of n98 is s70v3 !
to know more click this link

  • Yvil

I'm not brand loyal i.e. Nokia lover or Samsung Hater etc.. & it's unfortunate so many people who comment are brand addicted cause it makes for biaised (non objective comments) that are pointless. I never really considered Nokia cause I like BIG touchscreen devices. Well the N97 changes that, what specs! impressive I look forward to the real thing & a comparaison with the Sony Xperia

  • Fenix

Looks just like the HTC TITN 2.

  • Tobin. P

Sony Ericsson X1 Xerpia rip off anyone?

  • Andy Burgin

Are Nokia an Sony Ericsson working together as its very hard to tell the difference from the N97 an the Xperia x1,they both do the same things an the keypads the same ,Nokia should have designed a totally different phone as people will slag Nokia down for doing a copy of the Sony Ericsson mobile,i hope Nokia show better improvement in 2009 as they are not competeing nowdays as alot of people after the N95 were expecting there 8 mega-pixel mobile but still no sign of one yet they just stick to 5 all the time letting the N95 buyers down

  • SE

Cheap looking phone. Until it gets out it will be outdated. Nokia is going down...

  • Jhon

N79 is out first right? N79 upgrade = N97. Why? Because look at the design. Its the same, but the keypad on the N79 is removed and added a few more inch of screen. If i'm not mistaken, N89 will be out before N98, by the way N89 will support 8mp camera and a 3 inch vga screen. N89 will also have a half qwerty keyboard. Thats all i can say for now.

  • Auvik

This is what I always dreamt about except the priceā€¦

  • psychomania

... and in Q2-2009 the top phones sure will get a 12M camera so Nokia is a bit late for competition

  • psychomania

available Q2-2009 !

So Nokia says = dont buy the N96 - wait for N97 !!!

  • Ricardo-Mexico

It is awesome.


That is my next phone.

  • X1

Isn't this a rip off from the X1? Even the panels are the same...

  • shiv179

Flames, 02 Dec 2008Where's the proof?. There is clearly no CPU information. doltYeah sorry, hope that page gets updated on the nokia site.

  • shiv179

This is just a taste of what's to come from Nokia.
Better phones on the way...

  • SAED(S.R)

yaah thats good nokia.....well,,,,,is inspiration of nokias comp. designers r so short, couse all the comming phones r looking the same, and all r somehow ugly, and looks like a cheap chinees toys....

  • Blakvat

Btw id like to share something.
The reason why nokia keeps using arm processors is because its power consumption is low.
Not like these qualcomm babies which has more firepower but has the great power consumption.
Thats why some other ppcs that uses qualcomm eats a lot juice.

  • amit p.

best in all