Touchscreen Nokia N97 is the next step ahead with full QWERTY

02 Dec, 2008
The Nokia N97 is most definitely one of the most loaded N-series devices out there, but that's not it's all about. The N97 is the first high-end device powered by the latest touchscreen Symbian S60 OS...

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  • Blakvat.

Im not fanboy of whatsoever.
Just wonderin, why do these people keeps saying that this fone is a copycat of xperia.
This baby doesnt even have the xperia's x mark and its edgy design.

  • PRG

i am in love with this phone.

  • AHS

why 5m cam??????????
be ashame of samsong pixon & innov8!!!!
the batri life is very low althogh its 1500ma.
after the revolutionary n95, i think nokia isnt doing well!!!!
the smaller the better> its toooo huge
not convinsing at

  • Nokia

Best phone ever!!!!!

All other phones are crap! This is the best!!!!!

  • Singh

i wanted to get SE X1 but looking at this .. i am gonna wait and keep using my n95 8 gig.... this is my next phone..... love the N97

  • Anonymous

Its an excellent phone.I think its a mixture of Nokia5800(Touch Screen)and E90(qwerty Keyboard) with 32GBmemory and a 5MP camera.

  • d'mon

wooww cool
very fantastic
the best of the best for nokia

  • Anonymous

the design of N97 looks like a cross between Nokia N810 and HTC TYTN.
not that i'm complaining, in fact, i think that was nice design.
i can't wait for the similarly-design E75 to become available on the market, i hope E75 will have better build quality (metal body etc, just like any other E-series) and touch-based UI just like 5800 and N97.

btw, what's happening with the rumored Nokia's 8MP cameraphone? (the successor of Nokia N93i) is it being cancelled?

  • Anonymous


initially i was impressed. I usually hate Nokia N series phones due to sluggish response and frequent lock-ups. I prefer the E series more.

upon seeing the pictures and watching the first video, I said, "nice"
upon watching the second vid, the UI and smoothness shown in the first video were ALL GONE. Where are the smooth transitions when changing screen orientation, or navigating through the menus? I hope this can be rectified.

  • phone lover

nice 1!!!!

  • arjuna

Why does nokia processor run slowly, even the E90 processor. If you have more than 1000 sms messages in your phone, and more than 1000 contacts, it takes time to open the new one coming. I then buy E71 to replace the slow E90 but facing the same problem when the amount of phone book and sms increasing.

  • WinMobile frustrated

i want to change to mobile is crap..and useless..lot of flaw...especially sync...

this phone is outrageous..that's call innovation...

  • Anonymous

Samsung i8510 may be a good cameraphone, but it cant stand up to what this phone can do in terms of other features. 12mp cameraphones wont be released until the 4 quarter of 2009. Definitely the best choice for n95 upgraders.

  • Anonymous

Constantine, 03 Dec 2008Nokia has proven to be an excellant business company , first tes... morenokia have upgrade but you are downgrade

5800XM some online store sales at 900USD cause they wan to earn Christmas present

this simple knowledge also donno you better don't work outside

some also sales at 540-590 USD, how to explain those online store seller such as CTi,yesasia,mobilecityonline which sale at 499USD-599USD???



over 300 comments in 1day dats crazy

  • Anonymous

An xperia copy.... not a great phone...

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]innov8 is not touch UI. Too old, let go, its over.. :) I am not saying bad to samsung. I am using omnia right now.

  • Anonymous

Queue, 03 Dec 2008This phone looks great to me. I hope the QWERTY keyboard is sol... moreA lot of people hope to have a great camera function on their phone.
1. The phone are always with us day and night. Hence we can capture every happy moment anytime anywhere.
2. Great mp phone not necessary mean it will cost more than less mp phone. N96 is the most expensive phone compared to the top 4 8mp phone which have same if not better specs and performance.
3. More 8mp not necessary always better than the lesser one. But the four top 8mp camera phone now in the market have proven that they are many levels better.
4. If i buy a dedicated camera, mean that i have to pay few hundred more. I need to bring it everywhere. I have to copy the photos to at least copy to a computer or memory card first before i can share it to others. In short not convinience.
5. Look and feel is depend on individual. But this phone simply does not give majority of people a "great" impression like Iphone does. The market has proven that.
6. Yea.. this phone definitely will take at least 3 to 6 months to release. By then, maybe 12mp phone or even greater smart phone or greater PDA are on the market.

Don't get me wrong. I was one of Nokia big fan boy too.
But this are all facts.

  • Queue

This phone looks great to me. I hope the QWERTY keyboard is solid like the E90 keyboard, the best keyboard I've ever felt on a mobile device.

Who needs 8MP in a phone nowadays? I think 5MP is a good conservative amount. Besides, bumping up the MP's means more money, then you'll be complaining about how expensive the phone is to begin with. If you're willing to ask for so many MP in a phone, why not just splurge on getting a good camera?

For those mentioning the lack of innovation, what specifically were you looking for?

I think the only other cool thing I'd like to see in a phone is a projector.

I hope Nokia will advertise this phone like how they did the N95 when the iPhone came out.

We must still wait for MacWorld 2009 to see how Jobs and company will react, if any. Looks like 2009 will be the real battleground for touchscreen devices now that Nokia will be in the mix.

I hope it can be used on TMobile's 3G network, but I doubt it...

  • Constantine

Nokia has proven to be an excellant business company , first testing us with a 900$ 5800 xm to get response and now bringing on the real thing , stop playing with people Nokia Lastly knowing Nokia for so many years this set will be atleast 1000$ lastly a 5mp Brick wont be so fashionable i would rather say obsolete