Touchscreen Nokia N97 is the next step ahead with full QWERTY

02 Dec, 2008
The Nokia N97 is most definitely one of the most loaded N-series devices out there, but that's not it's all about. The N97 is the first high-end device powered by the latest touchscreen Symbian S60 OS...

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  • Anonymous

looks alot like the SE xperia
nokia wouldnt wanna copy them would they??
geez get some original ideas nokia

  • Anonymous

go to mobile-review

the editor also say"plus its opening mechanism is very similar to that of some HTC-branded communicators (such as the TyTN series), enabling you to tilt the display at 35 degrees."

there are also some picture comparing N97 n Xperia
the picture prove that N97 n xperia is different

  • wasim

well i like....................alot and looking forward to buy it well ppl what ever say but their is copy of x1 and iphone but who cares i m crazy of this phone i wish it is not too much expensive ......................

  • Jhon!

Is this the most commented issue or what? Hehe

  • Anonymous

Nokia Have another winner?, 5800 is superb but i'll wait for this instead! Its not copying, they're just following trends. ?The Brand still retrains its uniqueness... ?

  • Anonymous

for those who think this device same like xperia

better don't do revision before going to exam

  • Anonymous

xperia side slide is like motorola kick sider


N97 is like HTC TyTH ll

nowadays people imagine so creative can imagine a cat as a dog

  • Anonymous

sweet. awesome specs.

  • psychomania

it must be terrible for nokia to try to run after competitors
nokia is so much behind
nokia try to be up to date but they are 2 or 3 years late
i fear all the usual problems with nokia = cheap case construction, many bugs
i prefer to buy from samsung or lg who made better phones more reliable ans without bugs and with a nice cool interface and solid case
nokia is the past

  • Anonymous

I hope this camera has better noise control when taking picture so low light picture taking is much better. Not a single phone in the market can take could pictures with reduced noise control. Heavy fella but nice. Is it worth spending so much on tho? Going from an n95 to this the only upgrade that would be really useful to ppl that i see is the 32gb memory and touch screen with full keypad. Lot to think about for me.

  • ketanitem

It may have 'something' there (big internal memory and digital compass), but with the look of HTC? Come on...

  • Anonymous

Looks cool, hope there is a US version

  • Anonymous

looks like an experia but n97's feature rocks well done nokia

  • Cammys

I'll go for 5800 Xperess first,play and master with it,n97 will be in the list but it takes time until it is fully stable.

  • Tc17

5mp cam is go0d enf (comperd 2 the iphone 2mp cam) but 8mp would be go0d like samsung inava8
but a ful slide out key pad is allways better then to use a touch screan to type on
but this phone must be gr8 to use (i hope it has a big proser 400mhz+)

  • anonymous

whoever bought d n96 will "commit suicide'
i mean c'mn nokia, so fast?
lucky 4 me i dint buy d n96!!

  • abc

not bad.
but they said that 'iphone beware'?
well, iphone is sleek n stylish n n97 has a extraordinary spec sheet.
so there 2 different kind of phones...

  • becool

hey i love this phone...can i use the QWERTY key board on the display also ..if i dnt want to use the hardware one...will cme out by march or april, then will sell 5800 and buy this...

  • Brazilian Guy

Anyone know if this cell comes with digital TV sistem?

  • Kal

In dont find the design very appealing since we've seen tytnIIs considerably long enough. The arc-slide is still the way to go.