Xperia Z2, aka 'Sirius' leaked. Possible MWC debut

13 January, 2014
The rumored Sony 'Sirius' is actually the the Xperia Z2, and will debut at Mobile World Congress 2014.

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  • D-Fox

Doesnt seem like that big of an upgrade, i expected the camera to go beyond 22MP. Anyway, lets wait till it comes out.

  • AnonD-214891

tyungusu, 14 Jan 2014not again bad tft display,no thanksi agree

  • kutty5935

i agree sony have to create a competitor for upcoming S5...

  • tyungusu

not again bad tft display,no thanks

  • AnonD-209094

AnonD-43136, 14 Jan 2014Big bezels are good for gaming - extra grip! :-)Up to a point, yes. You cant deny that Xperia Z already had more than enough to grab on to while gaming in landscape mode, theres no need for more even for elephant hands.

  • AnonD-209094

ANON, 14 Jan 2014The Z1 was a WAY better phone than what Samsung released last ye... moreI cant agree, as much as i dislike samsung and have a long and strong preference for Xperia since the days of SonyEricsson i hate the Z1, worst ever by Sony, i felt only disappointment and disgust when i held it in my hand. I rather buy Xperia Z again than to get a Z1. Xperia Z was and is truly great, i love it eventhough i managed to destroy mine while in the pocket (in its defense, not many phones would have survived that kind of action)

  • AnonD-43136

AnonD-209094, 14 Jan 2014Xperia Z also has rubber seals but not at all the horrible size ... moreBig bezels are good for gaming - extra grip! :-)

  • Anonymous

Now let's all hope the screen is OLED or really decent LCD and Sony breaks with the tradition of huge bezels and disappointing display panels.

  • ANON

AnonD-209094, 14 Jan 2014So you suggest Sony just go and hide and let the Galaxy S5 steal... moreThe Z1 was a WAY better phone than what Samsung released last year. Samsung fans are like Apple fans. They don't know a better product when they see it.

The Z2 will be better than the S5. The S5 is rumoured to have only a Snapdragon 800 while Sony and LG's next flagships are said to have the Snapdragon 805. Samsung will once again be a year behind.

  • AnonD-209094

cheebc, 14 Jan 2014as for the screen, I guess Sony will use triluminous + IPS, like... moreI dont think they can make this IPS. The Z Ultra and Z1 Compact have IPS because they have low pixel density, the Z1 is not IPS because the pixel density of 441 PPI is too high, and Z2 will have a pixel density of 565 PPI.

In an IPS display both electrodes are connected to the same side of the liquid crystals layer, obviously that requires some very delicate precision during production when the pixels get very small. Currently only Sharp is able to mass produce IPS displays of extreme pixel density, other manufacturers are catching up but if Sony was nearing that level they would already use IPS tech for Z1. Either Sony buy displays from Sharp or they have to launch Z2 with mediocre viewing angles.

  • cheebc

xsr, 14 Jan 2014Sony, please make in your next Xperia smartphone Japan Display ... moreas for the screen, I guess Sony will use triluminous + IPS, like the 1 on Z1C.
video recording might be 2k, but I dont think they will jump from currently 1080p to 4k, so 2k is possible.

  • AnonD-209094

Yogesh, 14 Jan 2014That's so true. Sony has sufficiently future-proofed the Z1 and ... moreSo you suggest Sony just go and hide and let the Galaxy S5 steal all the sales? Z1 isnt even very able to hold its own against current flagship phones, how could it possible go up against S5???

Of course Sony need an S5 competitor, and Xperia Z did very well by being early, stop smoking grandpas underwear man.

  • Yogesh

AnonD-53326, 13 Jan 2014Z1 is still holding it's ground very well.. I think releasing th... moreThat's so true. Sony has sufficiently future-proofed the Z1 and Z1 compact, with absolutely no scope of let up for two years at least. Continuously striving to progress specs is always a good thing, but Sony needs to get its timing right. Offering the same goodies in a revamped package is not gonna work in its favour, considering the stiff competition around.

  • AnonD-209094

nosy parkar, 14 Jan 2014jimmy if your hands aren't exceptionally small you will get used... moreIts not about hands man, lots of people are leaving big phones and going for smaller and smaller. I didnt have problems using Note 2, nothing small about my hands, but i changed to the smaller Xperia Z and was much happier with both the phone itself and the size, imagine all the months i wasted dragging that useless Note 2 around, in retrospect i feel stupid for even thinking that that glossy plastic piece was worth the money.

Now im ready to go down in size again and get the Z1 Compact, wish i could still have the gorgeous pixel density of the Z but its a good tradeoff all in all, esp if the battery can offer more screen-on time.

Next time do i want smaller again? Maybe. I know I dont want bigger than the Z, if i did i would already have a Z1, wanted one but the size totally turned me off when i saw it live, just horrible.

  • AnonD-209094

cheebc, 14 Jan 2014and dont forget the water resist function i.e rubber sealing ins... moreXperia Z also has rubber seals but not at all the horrible size of Z1. Xperia Z is actually a very reasonable and nice sized phone, when put on top of a galaxy S4 they are virtually the same size, hard to see any difference at a glance. But with Z1... Wow, it dwarfs the S4, and for no good reason, its just bad.

Z1C is ok with me, too wide for 2014 and even 2013 but at least the top and bottom bezels are kept in check, Z1C is actually shorter than both Xperia L and Xperia V (both 4.3 inchers).

  • xsr

Sony, please make in your next Xperia smartphone
Japan Display 5.2 FullHD OLED screen­-52-full-hd-423-ppi-amoled-panel
The thin bezels
Oleophobic coating (without skin)
Optical stabilization
Support for 4K video recording to zoom during video recording

  • Drake

Paxijaan, 13 Jan 2014I wish for a better display, perhaps IPS!!!Actually, They already used IPS panel on Xperia Z1 Compact.

  • Anonymous

Sony just put the below:
1. Smaster audio amplifier chip to enhance the audio output on earphones. Loudspeaker performance can be compromised for ip58.
2. The 3000mah battery on z1 is having same battery life as ZUltra. So ditch the TFT and get IPS for Z2.
3. Optimize video playback. The processor clocks max during video playback. Any dumbo can see it using cool tool and even lesser dumbo can say its a huge bugg

  • Drake

BME 3 instead X-Reality Pro Engine. Which one is the best?

  • Drake

winjilcom, 14 Jan 2014Samsung Galaxy note 4 ALL THE WAY......... SONY WHO?Can you go away, S-devices fans!? There's even no leak about Note 4 yet.