Apple reportedly decided on a 4.8 display for next iPhone

22 January, 2014
The information is said to come from checks within Cupertino giant's supply chain.

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  • Malaysian

Glad to hear that Apple is finally waking up on the size does matter issue.

  • Anonymous

I guess its gonna be longer.

  • AnonD-105795

Wow this is a perfect size that I can use one hand comfortably, lol.

  • Anonymous

sales will increase a lot

Gonna have a nice laugh when all of the Apple fanboyses are gonna say the 4.8 inch screen is the perfect size on a smartphone (like we Android users have said for decades by now) just because it's Apple who are making it and because what Apple say it's always right according to the Apple fans.

It's also a fact that Apple can't get bigger batteries into an iPhone 5S sized phone than they have now, so they HAVE to make a bigger phone to be able to get bigger batteries in that will be needed as the other new and powerfull hardwares will need alot more power.

  • Anonymous

No Samsung parts please yall use your own... set of trouble makers

  • AnonD-78805

so apple finally found that 4.0 inch is not enough , but i dont bother waiting for xperia z2, htc one 2 ,lg g3 and nexus 6

  • jb

that's it.. android may as well be pronounced dead now, I see the two greatest mobile os's to be wp or IOS now!

  • AnonD-226734


LOL, indeed. Very late to the party. Now desperate.

I would not be surprised if they still will leave out fully integrated multi-codec support. You need to move heaven and earth just to have personal videos working on an iPhone.

  • der

lol apple