Toshiba unleashes the TG01 - the uber-smartphone to rule them all

03 Feb, 2009
Making a large step from a regular WinMo PocketPC to a heavily armored MID (Mobile Internet Device), Toshiba today launched the TG01 PocketPC. Packed with a 4.1" WVGA screen and measuring only 9.9 mm...

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  • arvin

Anonymous, 03 Feb 2009Don't worry, look closely at the first pic, it's there. (The vid... morecapasitive screen is not good usuing something hard object. or iusing gloves. unlike resistive you can use both with just a "little" pressure.

  • Anonymous

Toshiba should prepare it for WM 6.5 not 6.1, otherwise the phone is just great

  • Arvin

this phone is too much big even its thin. iphone and my HD is just right size.

  • SE_always

Bha, this phone does not impress me at all because I got detailed information about the upcomming Hikaru smartphone from SE! It's under NDA so I can't tell you much about it except that it will be at least twice as good as this Toshiba phone! A storm is comming...

  • Anonymous

Yes it's too long and wide. If you own an iPhone or Touch HD you'll know they are about the max you can wrap one hand around comfortably for one handed operation. Any wider and you can't hold the damn thing and touch the screen with your thumb meaning always using two hands to operate the thing which will be a pain in the @ss.

  • Anonymous

awesome phone, but it seems a little large dont you think? i mean its thin and thats good but the height seems a little to long (and im judging this from the picture when its next to the iphone)

  • Tech-King

Well.. a nice offering from Toshiba. But as someone said earlier, there may be carrying woes with this 'mobile'. Big screen is good but other things too need to be considered.

Anyway, the stripes interface is nice to cover the standard WinMo UI.. seems to be inspired from XPERIA panel interface!

For those asking for 5MP or more, first think if u have got brains. More pixels need bigger camera sensors, and it's practically impossible to put those in 9.9 mm. And if they do, quality sucks to the core! Auto-focus again needs room to shift lens while focusing which isn't there in TG01..

  • Ryo Jin

U hate WinMo ?

Look at the fact :

Top 10 Selling Phones in January 2009

1. Samsung Omnia(WinMo)
2. HTC Touch HD(WinMo)
3. Nokia E51(S60)
4. Blackberry Storm(Blackberry)
5. Nokia 6300(-)
6. Nokia 3109(-)
7. Sony Ericsson Xperia X1(WinMo)
8. Nokia E71(S60)
9. Nokia 6220(S60)
10. HTC Touch Diamond(WinMo)

Source: Krusell

  • ToshibaInsider

126.0 x 69.5 x 9.9mm

You heard it here first. :)

  • Tapio

So this is what WinMo have been doing all this time. Instead of optimising the OS to run faster on a slower (lower power consumption) CPU, they just waited for the market to develop a handheld device that can basically run Windows XP!

  • Sahara Dessert Envir

Holy Crap... are we all dreaming?? 4.1 WVGA... 1GHZ Processor.. HSPA... and a totally renewed WimMo and Toshiba..??

dude are the Top Manufactors like G@y or something... we need $hit like this!!!!!

9.9mm Amazing..

  • az

sorry, but device without qwerty keyboard is pointless for me.
and "whole day without recharging" wooow! that`s amazing achievement!!

  • Anonymous

iPhone suxors... Lets stop talking about that POS.

It may be good for those with no brains.

  • Anonymous

brynn, 03 Feb 2009I agree with you,,fed up to back teeth with i-phone banter,,its ... moreWhy would you transfer a photo from an iPhone to a PC, then email it, when it's a lot easier to email it directly from the phone?

There's also an App available (SendPhoto) which let's you attach multiple full size (1600x1200) photo's to an email and send it to multiple recipients for a fraction of the cost of sending an MMS.

  • Anonymous

Powerful but way too big...

The Touch HD and iPhone are about the biggest I would go with length x width.

Too wide and too long for comfort.

  • xman

I got ipaq 214, the only thing missing is GSM/GPS module, the size and the 4" display are just right. I'm glad that the 4" frontier has been broken, this is a way to go.

  • Anonymous

AyashiFX55, 03 Feb 2009Jesus christ, 1ghz in mobile phones !!! Screw the iphone anyways... moreActually when you open and close applications on the iPhone it usually reopens exactly where you left off, maybe you should learn a bit more before making such ridiculous statements.

This beast from Toshiba looks awesome HTC has been trumped.

Too bad it's WinMo.

  • Anonymous

what a copy of the iphone...create something original for once!!

  • Jason

WinMo = fail. I don't get why companies use it. It is a terrible UI. Bring on the N97

  • Anonymous

brynn, 03 Feb 2009I agree with you,,fed up to back teeth with i-phone banter,,its ... moreLol!!!