Oppo Find 7 50MP camera samples leak

20 March, 2014
Full 50MP camera samples from Oppo's upcoming Find 7 have found their way onto the internet.

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  • nick

oh come on guyz this set along only camera yeah .
hahah my xperia T result is better than this mobile brothers.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Mar 2014They have done a near perfect job,but here's the thing people wo... moreDude... Just wow. You do realize that the screen you watched the review on was only 1080p right? So because you didn't see a difference over the tv or a screen on your tablet or computer was also probably 1080p... Lina need to save a judgement till your lookin at it in front of your face. Just sayin...

  • kumar

satish, 02 Apr 2014very good user interface.how you can say ui is very good

  • satish

Anonymous, 27 Mar 2014They have done a near perfect job,but here's the thing people wo... morevery good user interface.

  • dugasani

Anonymous, 27 Mar 2014They have done a near perfect job,but here's the thing people wo... morenice ui

  • Anonymous

AnonD-246612, 22 Mar 2014http://www.androidauthority.com/quad-hd-vs-1080p-comparison-3594... moreThey have done a near perfect job,but here's the thing people would always criticise because they see the company as a threat not only that they feel the company is boasting about how good they are,they need to build a client base and listen to what people really want in a phone and not take all the credit,that's where the other company that broke away from them(the oneplus company) is getting it right. As long as they keep boasting about their 50MP picture samples, people would continue to criticise them,also if they had listened to their clients they would have known that QHD on a phone is actually an over kill because when I was watching a review of the phone I really couldn't tell the difference from a 1080p screen


Anonymous, 23 Mar 2014Good joke, lumia 1520's 20mp camera already beat this crap..Lol i hope you are kidding?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Mar 2014Nothing can beat this oppo find 7 camera now. Its like a whole n... moreGood joke, lumia 1520's 20mp camera already beat this crap..

  • AnonD-151727

Anonymous, 22 Mar 2014Seriously, how stupid does Oppo think people are?What do you care? can't sleep at night or what?

  • Anonymous

i am not so much experienced and sound by means of buying a phone like oppo find but it means a lot for me if i could operate it for a day.....

  • bash

What people fail to realize is that the number of MPs your phone has is simply a gimmick to give the average joe an easy way to assess whether their camera is better or worse than their counterparts in reality the quality of the lens is the real reason why camera quality is determined

  • V

Stil not 50 megapixel camera. I think i will buy Nokia Lumia 1020 instead.

  • ipreetmalhotra

AnonD-49204, 21 Mar 2014If I need to take a pic, my 808 is always by my side Anything h... moreExaclty!!!
N8 was the king untill Note 3 arrived!!

  • oppo king

The real size of oppo find 7 50mp pictures are 15-20mb so I might say that there's a great details behind that size.

  • AnonD-246612

http://www.androidauthority.com/quad-hd-vs-1080p­-comparison-359430/ Download the high res pics first esp the aerial view one and tell me how this isn't a good thing. Oppo is relatively new in the market and are pushing boundaries with specs and all they get for this is critics from fans of giant phone makers.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Mar 2014Why is this a big deal? This is a software trick. Probably any e... moreSeriously, how stupid does Oppo think people are?

  • Anonymous

Why is this a big deal? This is a software trick. Probably any existing smartphone could do this, with an app designed for this purposes.

This is pure marketing hype, designed to trick people into thinking that the camera is something more than a run of the mill 13MP smartphone camera, without OIS and other far more important hardware features.

  • guest

Dark scenes quality remain a nightmare. But in daylight... I actually liked the high building image, one can see the last floor clearly and there's a sky with much fewer noise than most phone cameras.

Exactly. But I wouldn't call it a gimmick, most phones do it and it's called "panorama" - this one just stitches some pictures vertically too. It's a feature, whether someone wants to use it or not. At least Oppo tried something new (Nokia user here, btw).

  • Anonymous

Samsung Insider, 21 Mar 2014Nokia used a high resolution camera which uses oversampling tech... moreYep, it is a marketing gimmick, but it works well with the crowd at which the Oppo is aimed.

Then they can go: "Haha, my Oppo has 50MP ad your iPhone has only 8MP! Haha!"

Their photos will suck, but they are usually ugly anyway.... :)))