Meet the Apple iPhone 3GS, the iPhone 3G is here to stay as well

08 June, 2009
Pretty much all the rumors regarding the new iPhone turned out true - the iPhone 3G S (S for Speed) has a compass and a 3 megapixel camera with video recording and a compass. The unexpected thing...

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  • Anonymous

they made a comparison and found 3MP camera iphone makes better quality than a canon dslr and more and more visual artist impressed by it

  • Tang In A Morning

Yep, when Apple fanbois start talking about "user experience" and "air of quality" you know they've run out of decent arguments. That's why they have 3% market share in desktop computers. Apparently, you buy their products for the snob appeal of having a niche gadget. That's sad.

  • Anonymous

Quest, 11 Jun 2009Its a masterpiece yes, but is it really for 299$ only ? s... moreIt is about $1000 unlocked with taxes etc.

  • Anonymous

Partho, 11 Jun 2009What a update!!! 3.2-2=1.2megapixel.Everyone need 12megapi... moreJust watch people lining up outside the Apple Store comes 6/19.

  • Partho

What a update!!!
3.2-2=1.2megapixel.Everyone need 12megapixel.Apple develops 1.2 megapixel in a year.SO, APPLE NEEDS 10 YEARS FOR THIS

  • shiv179

The iPhone may be a great phone, but once again Steve is taking consumers for a ride!!!
C'mon, what real improvements were made from the iPhone to the iPhone 3G and now to the iPhone 3GS??
Enjoy spending your hard earned cash!!

They couldn't get the basics right (copy/paste, MMS, and so on, everyone knows), but yet they include 3D acceleration and video decoding in hardware!!

And let's not forget the developer and App Store restrictions - Skyfire will never make it to the iPhone, I think Java as well.

I'm not bashing the iPhone here, I'm bashing Steve and all his followers...

  • Nick

I am a big apple 3g fan, howeever it is sad to see how apple just seems to be falling behind in the tech race, a brilliant operating system yet you feal that it just not good enough, 3mp camera, no hd come guys you are using 3 year old tech.

  • Anonymous

iPhone is the best if you are looking for a practical, reliable, cool, and high end phone.

If you don`t care about constant freezing and lagging than go for the rest. Simple as that.

  • Anonymous

i don't think i'll be in a hurry to upgrade to this one. lets be honest, there aint gonna be much differance between the 3gs and my existing 3g with os 3.0. all thats different as far as i can see is slightly uprated hardware. its aint a phone anymore, its a pocket sized mac!!

  • Borlogs

I agree with the others, if you don't what the iphone, then don't get it! You don't need to post nasty comments about it because the phone you have right now might have ten times more problems and inconvenience than the iphone

  • Anonymous

dagz, 11 Jun 2009i dont get u ppl who leave comments about all the features ... moreFirst of all, let me declare I "paid" for an iphone 3G, but never used it, bcoz I got it for my wife, who still loves it after 10 months.

Different people have different needs. Some people want everything in a phone but don't care about bulid quality, or if it hangs every once in a while. Some people care about megapixels on the cam of the phone, regardless if the other party can hardly hear what the phone users say.

Opinions should be respected. Just like different people like different cars, and need different options on them.

Nevertheless, I don't see any reason to label iphone users should be bashed or be described using very harsh words.

I, as someone who paid for an iphone, do wish it offers a secondary camera, so I can v-call my wife as soon as I get off work. (and sometimes she finds something I may like, she can v-call me to confirm, vice versa) Meanwhile, my wife does want a radio on her iphone. (Just certain American in this forum who thinks American radio sucks doesn't want / allow overseas iphone users to have such feature)

  • Zugzug

Gill Bates, 10 Jun 2009That maybe true, but still, the fundamental question is, ho... moreThere are tonnes of free apps from the app store and plenty more from cydia. Cydia hosts 3rd party apps not controlled by apple. Also there are no restrictions on what music you can put on your iPhone. You can drag any mp3 over to the iPhone using itunes. It's really easy.

  • dagz

p.s i love it and i haven't even got one!!!

  • dagz

i dont get u ppl who leave comments about all the features the iphone seems to lack!!! its a fantastic phone that has something special about it.
working in a phone shop i see the same old nokia and sony ericsson phones all day long coming back with their various issues all day long, nokia with software isses (wont send messages and freezing ring a bell) and sony ericssons with earpieces not working, buttons failing and general reliabillity issues (have u had to return urs within 2 days because its failed?).
We only ever see an iphone in for repair if the owners dropped it and craked the screen, and in the small instances it does have a genuine fault apple exchange the handset. cant knock them for that!!

And as for the handset, it has an air of quality about it (unlike the n96/n85 etc's u all go on about, bit plasticy dont ya think??) the design is fantastic, apple have used it for two years!(not long) porche have been using the same design for 40 years!!!and look at where they are.
as for the functions of the handset, it does everything really well, i love the fact it will do something new everyday, unlike your sony ericcson/nokia/samsung that neva change!!!
yey for 8 or 12 mega pixel camaras! oh no the iphone only has 3! well when i went a manic street preachers gig last week, while i was faffing round wiv my 50 million settings c905 my brother was snapping away taking some cracking photos in a dark arena with 2 megapixels!!!

im guessing u ppl who hate the iphone have neva owned one or cant afford one! its a special bit of kit that doesnt require 8m pics/amoled screens it may eem like its years behind all your other phones, i like to think its rather clever and ahead in so many more ways.

why overhaul a handset that only needs tweeks to improve it?!? and if its such a terrible handset, why are all manufacturers designing phones to compete with the iphone?? lg arena, an identical copy with better camara/ copy paste function etc, hasnt really flew off the shelves, has it!!!

let go of ur negativity for the phone and enjoy the 'jesus phone'

  • Quest

Its a masterpiece yes, but is it really for 299$ only ?
so if in the U.S. i go to buy one from the apple store i will buy it for this price? because i asked in U.S. in one of apple stores , they told me the 3G is still in 400$ !!!
and if i want to use it in another country, does it work or it needs to be unblocked ?
thank u for answering questions

  • Anonymous

btw three more companies are developing GPS software for the iPhone.

Garmin isn't one of them, it looks like Asus stitched them up tight for the Nuviphone.

Bad luck for Garmin, they'll lose a lot out of that decision.

  • Anonymous

Milton J. Ng, 10 Jun 2009Simply put it, the main strength of an iPhone is its presti... moreI totally agree with you. Just like you, I used to not really like the iphone, not because of it's specs, but because of its walled approach. I didn't get it. It gave me the impression that all that Apple wanted was more money. But then I got one because I really like its UI and the quality of the phone. It's only then that I realized how necessary the walled approach is for the iphone to work really well. It protects its owners. It guarantees quality video/audio files that are safe and will not harm your device. It will give you an accounting of what you have purchased. It gives the developers proper compensation for their hard work. It makes sure that your device will get legitimate updates to even improve its performance. The iphone really revolutionized what a smartphone should be, and it even revolutionized user mentality. I realized that it was really silly to give a lot of points to megapixels. UI and OS should really be the strength of a smartphone, not its camera, lol.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Jun 2009I agree, people who diss iPhone, haven't had one. And every... moreOne of the best things about the iPhone is visual voicemail, no-one else has it and it's awesome.

My network (Vodafone Australia) enabled it a couple of weeks ago and I love it.

  • Anonymous

Milton J. Ng, 10 Jun 2009Simply put it, the main strength of an iPhone is its presti... moreI agree, people who diss iPhone, haven't had one. And every iphone owner has used a nokia or a samsung before.

100s of thousands of apps? How many nokia users download apps for their phones, or know how/ what sites to visit? Very few. How many iPhone users download apps? Every single one.
And the retard who said push notifications is for developers obviously doesn't know what they are.

  • Anonymous

It's good that this iPhone is the same siZe and shape as the last one, that means all the old accessories will work with it.

Way to go Apple saving people money.