Panasonic intros expensive Android phone with 1" camera

15 September, 2014
The Japanese company has outed an interesting competitor to the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom.

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  • AnonD-309849

it has a much bigger one inch sensor. My f/3.5 on aps-c takes much better low light pictures than any 1.8 or 2.0 on smartphones. I think no smartphone can compete with this, even lumia 1020

  • arg0

MHanz, 16 Sep 2014Comparing with K-Zoom?! Please it was garbage when the samp... moreWell, an aperture of f/2.8 doesn't really qualify the device as a low-light champion, unfortunately.

  • arg0

No Xenon flash? Showstopper!

  • Anonymous

I had the S4 Zoom and it took great pictures with very accurate colors. It was awesome to use the optical zoom. This phone should take way better shots also and hopefully beat the great Nokia 808.
I won't get it though because it doesn't have a Xenon flash =(. They should have both Xenon and LED flash in there and let us choose which to use. LED is great as a flashlight ;).

  • MHanz

Comparing with K-Zoom?! Please it was garbage when the samples taken by normal people proved Samsung's marketing shots were cherry picked.

This phone with a 1" sensor should do wonders in low light. Day light it should be a given it will be much better than any cameraphone out there. With a good 1" sensor you don't need software aids like oversampling to compensate for sensor shortcomings. This should be an interesting buy sometime next year when prices drop.

  • mikeday1983

Its Xenon away from being my dream cameraphone

  • Anonymous

Hey everyone (galaxy k zoom early adopter here)

I personally love the idea of launching this phone, cause maybe just maybe it will force Microsoft back into its 41mp camera phone race.
(This phone does not replace k zoom as it doesn't have optical zoom hence the name)

  • Carol

AnonD-207267, 16 Sep 2014Too expensive just to get that "Leica" name and f... moreYeah, am pretty sure a photographer talks like that::). Grow up kids, this is not kindergarten. Real photographs come from ideas and imagination and ability to be different, ability to take great shots no matter what camera you hold, ability to impress people with them. On those photos will never be dslr written and nobody will care. Now that's a real photo. As for camera, nope, i'm not denying that is important, but it will always come in the second place just cause the best camera in the world is the one a photographer holds in the moment of insipration;). Now take your "real" photography "maker" and do impress nobody with what comes out;).

  • Bluto

Wow! Beautiful! It's a shit that it doesn't have a Xenon flash otherwise this would be the perfect phone for me. God please Panasonic add a powerful Xenon flash to this beast and take my money!

  • Carol

Anonymous, 15 Sep 2014Same mistake they allways doing, making something expensive... moreSo, in your opinion, this is a monster, and better buy a real camera and a smartphobe. Hmm, as smartphobes look this days, they are already monsters and with another camera in your pocket, yes i admit, you are right. Better to have two monster devices in your pocket to charge them and carry them, instead of one. Good point, i just wander from where commes so much inteligence this days. Anyway, i,m not a fan of android, so 1020 is enough for me.

  • AnonD-307546

looks great .. may the perfect phone for a pro photographer!

  • AnonD-248419

no, this device is not expensive and not big
consider this :
1. as a camera it has 1 inch sensor. the only pocket friendly camera that has 1 inch is sony rx100 family. the rx100 mk3 is around 800$. this lumix is 1200$. this lumix has that leica lens which is one of the best camera lens. zoom ability is not that important if it has that kind of good lens.
2. as a phone it has snapdragon 801. high end phone specs. the cheapest phone with sd801/5 is around 300$.

so if you combine the price of 1 inch compact camera and cheapest sd 801 phone, it is about 1100$. the extra 100$ is what you pay for that engineering marvel. camera with big sensor and high end phone spec in such compact body. and for me, this is not expensive. although i can't afford this device, lol.

  • Sameer

This beast can record slow motion video with 960fps @720fps and 480fps @1080p

wow!!!! just awesome

  • Anonymous

AnonD-126679, 16 Sep 2014I wish the non-Camera Hardware were more late-2014. The ... moreI'm sorry, "Snapdragon 801" and "weak" doesn't belong in the same sentence. :/

  • Frodo

Is this better than Nokia lumia 1020......

  • Anonymous

There are no other great phone cameras around comparable to this. This has >2x larger sensor area than Lumia 1020, around 7x larger sensor area than the Galaxy S5 / iPhone 6.

Same goes for any sub-400$ separate cameras, this one has at minimum 3x larger sensor area which reflects quite directly to image quality (especially in low light).

I don't mind the dimensions but too bad they forgot the xenon flash. And forget the Leica, too pricey. Now, now, what you cookin', Microsoft and Canon?

  • AnonD-126679

I wish the non-Camera Hardware were more late-2014.

The Processor is weak and the Display could be a bit higher resolution (due to the high Photo resolution, not because I want to read puny text).

It is a bit thick and heavy too. The price could be OK if it is under $300, on a two-year.

It is more like a Camera you carry when you do not want to carry your Phone also. Unlike the opposite situation were you carry a Phone (with a decent Camera) and do not also bring an additional Camera along.

Why not make the _main_ Camera come out the side or end like the Nokia N93 and use a Prism or Mirror to redirect it out front, then you can put a (relatively) big Zoom in there and some OIS to beat the funky chicken.

Lets see the CM2.

  • Anonymous

yeah, where's the xenon flash?

  • AnonD-207267

Too expensive just to get that "Leica" name and famous red dot. I'll hang onto my smartphone for snapshots, and my dSLR for taking REAL photographs.