Next-gen Samsung Gear VR to come with 2,000 ppi OLED screen

Vlad, 21 June 2017

Samsung has released quite a few Gear VR headsets over the years, but one thing they all have in common is the fact that you need to insert a smartphone into them. The next generation Gear VR that is currently in development will break away from that tradition, however. That is, if a new rumor from Samsung's home country of Korea is to be believed.

The next Gear VR is said to be the first standalone headset in the series. It will have its own screen, which will be of the OLED variety and feature the insanely high pixel density of 2,000 ppi. That will help alleviate feelings of dizziness and nausea that are associated with VR headset use nowadays, according to an unnamed industry official. Samsung is apparently adamant that once you go past 1,000 ppi for VR, any problems regarding realism and sickness will turn into non-issues.

Of course the company has so far declined to officially comment on such rumors and speculation, but it would be interesting to see the next Gear VR competing with the likes of the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive in this space, while leaving both in the dust when it comes to pixel density.

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HTC Vive already has a wireless option. I believe Samsung can do a similar thing. High PPI simply means a screen tightly packed with sub-pixels. It can still show 1080p or QHD image, upscaled if necessary. Today's phones can show content (videos, gam...

First off, I was replying with a pinch of sarcasm to someone. Then, wireless communication for such a high resolution content is not feasible yet unless you pay for the best wireless card and the best modem in the market. If it doesn't have a new ama...

I do not think that yet an Exynos chipset is capable of handling that kind of job, even outside of a phone. And I do not think that they'll ask Qualcomm for some 835 in their Gear headsets, even if they are technically less powerful than Exynos chips...