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Nokia 103

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Dave, 10 Apr 2012Anyone know how many messages you could save on this?250. Looks like enough.

Key Features
Fresh design with dust proof key mat
Listen to your favorite music with the stereo FM
radio (requires headset)
Personalize your phone and assign one of the
32-polyphonic ring tones of your preference
Manage your contacts by creating different
phone books with a total support up to 500
Record your call durations and access the call
history in the call log list
Manage your schedules and be on time with the
calendar and the speaking clock/alarm clock
Other features
Integrated flashlight

Storage of up to 250 SMS entries

3.5 mm AV connector

Time tracker and pre-paid tracker
(network based function)

Preloaded games
The Nokia 103 standard
sales package includes
Nokia 103 handset
Nokia Battery: BL-5CB 800 mAh
Nokia Compact Charger AC-3
Compact Visual User Guide

Technical Profile
System: GSM 900/1800
User Interface: Series 30
Dimensions: 107.2 mm x 45.1 mm x 15.3 mm
(L x W x H)
Weight: 76.57 g (including battery)
Display: 96 x 68 ; 1,36 black and white
Connectivity: 2.0 mm Charger Connector

Operating Times
Standby time: Up to 27 days
Talk time: Up to 11 hours

Nokia Original Accessories
Nokia Stereo Headset WH-102
Nokia Compact Travel Charger AC-5
Nokia Mini Speaker MD-8

  • AnonD-9003

cool! cheapest phone from nokia.. :)

  • samath

Nice phone for heavy duty work. I hope that many people go for it . Cheers Nokia !

  • Anonymous

This handset is perfect to be used as a secondary phone, very cheap, easy to use and very difficult to brake it... Good job Nokia, as always...

  • AnonD-46331

Zen, 10 Apr 2012i'm amazed they even bother to publish the ppi 87 ppi LOLpublishing ppi is standard procedure in GSM Arena... and why would you laugh at 87 ppi in such a basic phone? *-)

  • Hank A.

I have been waiting for a phone that IS a phone. Personally I don't need a PC in my pocket when I have a laptop in a bag, especially while those pocket-computer-phones eats all of the energy in a few days and lets me down when I need to make a call.

  • Dave

Anyone know how many messages you could save on this?

  • Nanaba

Bava, 10 Apr 2012Time to get back to basics of phone and enjoy the purpose of pho... moreCould someone help me on how to watch youtube videos on Nokia C3?

  • AnonD-15769

its same as nokia change except battery life..­08&idPhone2=4690

  • Zen

i'm amazed they even bother to publish the ppi

87 ppi LOL

  • Bava

Time to get back to basics of phone and enjoy the purpose of phone. Outstanding body, battery life. This type of sets erased so much of noice around u caused by features like, camera, wifi, movies, social networking etc etc

Awesome. When they sell 100 millions of it and people check out the first page of the comments, they will find my comment. :-)

  • AnonD-49978

is it a Dual Phone handset?

  • Anonymous

Quad core or only dual?

  • Rorin

thanks Nokia for releasing this handset. I will get it for my secondary phone as it looks very simple and easy to use.

  • AnonD-49964

... and it has a flashlight!!!

Anyone wanna swap for a HTC ONE X in white?

  • AnonD-19178

I hope it will have Snake and Space Impact.

  • Anonymous

It hurts me to see these phones being released in 2012...

How about you make decent feature phones like the 5110 and 3210 which are probably my favorite phones ever

  • senchi

i want this handset . low price

  • AnonD-44031

I've seen cheaper Nokia phones being sold here in the Philippines. Original ones too... Nice try, 103...

BTW, how good is the camera? Is it also in monochrome? Hope Nokia will post camera samples.

So, we are back to resistive eh? Understandable, since this is a budget phone. :)