Nokia 103

Nokia 103

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  • Amir

next super phone from nokia

  • kady

a very nice phone!!!!! usefully yours!!!

  • The Raj

when 1100 1110i etc were being released this one fellow got left out... so nokia is releasing this now so that it gets its fair share of attention....

  • Wind

Correction: it has Bluetooth.

  • AnonD-27284

this phone is specially design for super heavy duty work...

  • Anonymous

redsupra, 10 Apr 2012no difference compared to nokia 1280nokia designers should be fired ;)

  • Kiano

Ol' skool legendary Nokia 3310 comes back.. haha ^_^

  • redsupra

no difference compared to nokia 1280

  • AnonD-34772

Monochrome nokia phones is not out of stocks because of this... Tnx Nokia and GSMArena!

  • Anurag Delhi

wow!! Seems lyk super basic phone. I'll buy it....

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

Very bad

  • kowa125

this phone will be the best in my sight because latest devices has destroyed the actual taste of life.

  • Huko

The cheapest cell in the world! Sounds interesting to me.. :)