Nokia 103

Nokia 103

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  • kung _poo

It's good mobile.but battery backup is poor.price is higher than this phone.

  • sagar

nice mobile

  • son-e

Is this available in Dubai? thanks.

  • saif

foul mobile. it has no mp3

  • mahdi tanha

Anonymous, 02 Dec 2013hai guyz,i think the 103 is the best phone in the world bec... moreآفرین
i am iranian and admire you

  • Anonymous

but i can,t use facebook in it. :P

  • Faisal Hossain

Awesome Set! Almost like the legendary Nokia-1100.
Thanks to Nokia!

  • Anonymous

hai guyz,i think the 103 is the best phone in the world because,their is no internet in internet the age b/w 14above peoples seen sex.that qoet natural.

  • Sweetheart

Most of the people likes this phone bcz its typing n speed . Nokia is not a v.good cmpny today bcz its product is not realiable but nokia 103 is a v.good phone n excellnt phone rather then other of nokia phone . . In my opinion nokia 103 is v.good phone excllnt in typing n all the functions are excllnt nokia is survived only based upon this phone :)

  • emirza

AnonD-56052, 12 Oct 2012How many games in 103 ? Anyone tell me games name...?there are snake xenia , rapid roll and bounce

  • Ummar

Hi,Nokia 103 is very nice mobile in Pakitan.battery time is very good.Tourch light is very powerful.

  • Anonymous

Bilal Mustafa, 22 Sep 2013is this dual sim?no

  • Bilal Mustafa

is this dual sim?


I buy nokia103 in 29 august 2013. i love this phone. beautiful view. number one keyboard for sms. the voice is high quality- a legend from nokia company- buy this phone 23$- im very very happy for nokia 103.

  • jeff

when will this be available in the philippines?

  • Eneh chimezie

I like this specific model of phone 103 because i have used it and i saw the usefull things inside the phone, is good for every body both the big and small,the old and young people around the world.

  • waji

Bilal HAnif, 02 Aug 2013IS this phone good for those who type alot of msgs. i mean ... moreIts lightning fast. superb message typing..:)

  • rob

This phone is basically an update of the nokia 1112 which came out in 2006.

The nokia 103 is a poor phone in comparison.

I purchased this phone to see what it was like and to compare it with the 1112 which I still use and the first thing I noticed was that the backlight screen is brighter on the nokia 1112 !!

Also the ringtones are louder on the nokia 1112 and when you make a phone call the voice clarity is much more clearer and is of a very high quality and the speakerphone is much louder and more clearer on the 1112.

The keypad is of a higher quality on the nokia 1112 and another thing I noticed is that the screen size has been slightly reduced on the nokia 103 so that when you write or read a text the letters and numbers are not as 'TALL'. Combine this with the poor backlight and this makes reading texts a strain on your eyes.

I still use the nokia 1112 and I love it, its one of the best basic phones that nokia have ever released along with its brother the nokia 1600.

The nokia 103 is a poor quality, cheaply made phone which is not worth buying. No wonder nokia is losing market share on basic phones when it releases rubbish like this. The rot has set in.

  • Saqib

i have purchased nokia 103 but was use just 3 to 4 days . aftar 4 day i was dead. tech told that it software is not avil in market so it,s expire. any body have software of this mobile

  • Bilal HAnif

IS this phone good for those who type alot of msgs. i mean is its keypad typing friendly