Nokia 103

Nokia 103

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Jul 2013pls i switched off my nokia 103,nd when i tried putting it back ... moreYour Phones software is gone

  • Anonymous

pls i switched off my nokia 103,nd when i tried putting it back on; it didn't come on, and later it displayed ''CONTACT SERVICE''... I dnt understand this statement pls.,..and i don't know what to do becos the phone is still not comin on..

  • awii

nokia 103 best

  • Anonymous

Please I purchase one of this product, when I put it on it is displaying ( connect 5BFBC000 FFFFFFFF) I don't. Understand what dis mean. Pls enlighten me on this. Thanks

  • Anonymous

Pls one of dis nokia product is displaying connect 5BFB000 FFFFFFFF. Pls what can I do to it because I don't understand

  • Anonymous

abdullah, 12 Jul 2013Nokia 105 is betterWhich country are you from Abdullah?

  • abdullah

Anonymous, 10 Jul 2013Nokia 105 and Nokia 103, which one is the best? Please help me o... moreNokia 105 is better

  • Anonymous

Nokia 105 and Nokia 103, which one is the best? Please help me out, thanks.

  • Anonymous

I brought this after I owned a nokia 100 for 5 years. I was suprised this one didnt have a colour screen as the nokia 100 did. Also the screen on the nokia 100 seemed a tad larger than this one. The big plus to the nokia 103 is the battery life lasts days longer than the nokia 100 did because their is no colour screen to drain it. I also found this to be more drop resistant than the nokia 100 slightly and that one was strong. This one survived falling into the sink once with no damage although I did dry it off very quickly.

  • AnonD-30043

problem no. 1
spekaer and earpeice are the same... if ur talking to some1 in full earprice ny1 standing by u can hear easily.

problem no. 2
battery 800mah, which goes max to 5 hours if u talk on phone continously.

problem no.3

ringtone volume is not so loud.

problem no.4

its so small that if u wear a loose trousure then the vibrate is uncatchable.

  • Anonymous

Does it have soft keypad???

  • jamo

Ha ha ha you all wrong. I had one of these. this is actually nucleir powered. its has anti rob function and this make you invisible as well . ohh i love this phone

  • vijaydenanathchauhan

i upgraded 2 jelly bean but play store not workin but i must say dis d phone of all decades i.e evergreen phone

awesone phone no phone can be made like this

please help me through play store problem

  • choton

LOL, 15 Oct 2012is it 4g mobilephone?its 4g LTE :-)

  • AnonD-132767

Awesome phone , quadcore processor , 8mp camera (actually 41mp), touch and type, cool dispaly , gonna b the most selling phone of 2013 -2050


i just upgrade it to ics 4.0 but camera no working and always show low memory but its 30 gb free
please help

  • Anonymous

how is it working after upgrading to ice cream sandwich?

  • sourav

very good phone memory this phone and very good feature loaded phone I gave this phone my girl friend she very happy to look this phone and daily chat with me

  • fani

AnonD-116411, 01 Mar 2013hmm, did you know that this phone will be first sold at Nigeria,... morebro its not about care there are many peoples even who r unable to purchase this phone....
in diff cities snatvhing of cell phone is common so in those areas peoples love to keep cheap phones...

  • AnonD-116411

Simplifiers..., 31 Jan 2013This is the mentality which makes you poor. How could you thing... morehmm, did you know that this phone will be first sold at Nigeria, then at other emerging markets?

and did you know that people who don't care about smartphones exist?