Nokia 103

Nokia 103

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  • AnonD-116684

''There are 2 kind lands/countries.

1-Lands have rich sources but no brains at all.
2-Lands have no sources but filled up with smartest brains.''

really like that saying dude.......

  • Anonymous

Nokia 101 and Nokia 103, which one is the best? Please help me out, thanks.

  • amit ray

aditya, 24 Jan 2013does it have the voice leakage problem?below rs2000 budget all phone have dis problem

  • Smart Gill

I bought 103 Few days ago i think 1280 iz better than 103 Massage memory same bettry 1280 have big bettry time but 103 low than 1280.. All over 1280 better than 103..
I wana Give points of both cell PhoNe's
1280/100% Prefect
103/40% in Parformace

  • buddies

is this ph0ne available in malaysia??

  • Simplifiers...

Anonymous, 17 Aug 2012Not everyone can afford a smartphone. And there's a lot of peopl... moreThis is the mentality which makes you poor.
How could you thing this odd crap meets technology right now, even for a 3rd world country and what the hell is that "3rd world country"
Think like that and you will never be First Grade Country.
There are 2 kind lands/countries.
1-Lands have rich sources but no brains at all.
2-Lands have no sources but filled up with smartest brains.

Yes, I'm also working on kind of dirty and heavy work but I'm using better than this thing, even at work.

Look at this:
Almost no functions, except calling and messaging plus poor flashlight and fm radio.
There are already phones like this, why they producing new ones?
Do you think its good for environment of nature?
Look at the SAR level, 1.15W!
If you create something you should make it better than its predessor (parent).

Answer it:
If you don't buy then what should Nokia do for you and your people?

And never call yourself 3rd range country.
There is only human not country.

  • Awais


  • sandun

i am from sri lanka ..i want nokia 103............but it dont come in sri lanka yet

  • aditya

RAJ, 11 Dec 2012this phn is only for talk and msg use phn. it,s handling to very... moredoes it have the voice leakage problem?

  • kanjeng

Great, wonderful, I like this handphone very much... Hope I will Get it soon.. Nokia 103 is my style...

  • Mauragon

Been waiting for this. I hope this comes out already in our country.

  • AnonD-34630

When would this be available in the Philippines?

  • Virgoain

How can i copy my inbox in Nokia N8???

  • vishal jindal

I am from nepal first of iwould like tsay thanks NOKIA iam also fed up of 1280 so please send us fast 103 because we cant sell 100 because of fm radio in 1280 in that rate . thanku

  • Zee mobile

Im from srilanka v still not get this phone, v hope coming soon v don't want 1280 more

  • Fady

Sms memory is very good more then 200 sms can save in inbox.
Thanks Nokia

  • Supaporn

this Nokia 103 battery can lasts up to 9 days , i always bring along with me when i go travels ...

  • Anonymous

When the hell this phone will be released in EU and USA?

  • noushu

Anonymous, 22 Nov 2012nalla phone.what is difrent of 1280.same like 1280i luv nokia

  • Luis

Not available in the Philippines yet?