Nokia 103

Nokia 103

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  • noushu

Anonymous, 22 Nov 2012nalla phone.what is difrent of 1280.same like 1280i luv nokia

  • Luis

Not available in the Philippines yet?

  • RAJ

this phn is only for talk and msg use phn. it,s handling to very esy is battary life so good as campaire with android phone. thnx nokia

  • amit

uzman, 14 Oct 2012i want to know that does it have a same ( voice leakage problem ... moreright

  • Moti

Please provide all the features.......

  • Deps

This model is available in some subcontinent countries. I don't the reasons why it didn't launch in India. NOKIA 1280 is launched in 2010 is so long to update the model. NOKIA 103 expected to be launched in Q2, but still it not reach the market.

  • Anonymous

nalla phone.what is difrent of 1280.same like 1280

  • Israel_Kontol

very simple, cheap with big function so far.. battery consumption very thrift

  • AnonD-62896

The Phone of my dreams :)

  • vikesh.pandey

which date of launching?

  • monali

when this set will come to open market yaar ?
i need this one for my dad extra application , no gprs , no extra charge for unwanted application....
just sms, voice call, and satisfactory battery and simple for aged person as my dad....

  • Anonymous

I like this phone.

  • Rana Farhan

Awesome phone for text messaging, very soft keys with no voice, i like it..............

  • robust

Monochrome graphic == long batery life . Just for talk. Just for mountain travel or something like this . Big key, easy to find for old peoples. Really, this is not for the geeks , this is for the peoples that have a live outside of virtual live / internet . For the people that have a breathe whithout a virtual simulator

  • ajay

i like..................

  • dj

cool phone - love the 16mp .... can u upgade it to ios6...

  • Anonymous

niki, 18 Oct 2012does it have video calling? then m gona buy thislol

  • Anonymous

pravkumar, 30 Oct 2012This handset is very sexy.yes

  • pravkumar

This handset is very sexy.

  • Furqi

Wow! What a phone! U can do video calls on it.though its not having this feature