Nokia 103

Nokia 103

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  • raja

but this is the only mobile which has video calling features without camera bcoz inbuild camera facility is available....

  • @Waqsms on twitter

I bought this phone today
this is best simple mobile
The only problem is voice leakage

  • Xpress

niki, 18 Oct 2012does it have video calling? then m gona buy thisYes u use as a video call at night after switch off all the lights.

  • Anonymous

niki, 18 Oct 2012does it have video calling? then m gona buy thishow a mobile with no camera will have video calling?????????????????????????????????

  • niki

does it have video calling?
then m gona buy this

  • rd

this is very awsome mobile i like this mobile more than iphone 5

  • LOL

is it 4g mobilephone?

  • raja

i m happy to hv this phone.............. this phone contains so many feathers that i cant express,,,,,,,,,,..............

  • zain

AnonD-56052, 12 Oct 2012How many games in 103 ? Anyone tell me games name...?this phon have 3 games one is boounce and Soccer league 3rd one is Snake;s very nice phon..

  • uzman

i want to know that does it have a same ( voice leakage problem )which was in its previous model??? big issue with nokia engineers they are using funny colors and are not able to manage to resolve this voice leakage issue.

  • AnonD-56052

How many games in 103 ? Anyone tell me games name...?

  • KAmil

wat a nic phone....very use of friendly.......maxxa......

  • Anonymous

bast & u

  • uzaaaa 103 keypad upset
2.not slim phone big
3.this design not all people like
4. so good and all people like 1s 1202 design
1280,100,101,103 bad phones and not market
becouse phone not slim,key pad bad

  • mahesh

key pad is worst...display is good but battery back up is not like old nokia go with samsung

  • Anonymous

(Stand-by Up to 648 h)
its wrong why its updated
its not compatible for 27 days backup

  • Mauragon

I'm still waiting for this phone to be released in my country.

  • AnonD-72299

2 days earlier i bought nokia 103 and no doubt it is awesome phone ever, but i m facing a very critical problem that the battery time is very low. Its a box pack mobile huh! nokia

  • Anonymous

Adonis, 14 Sep 2012What's the meaning of producing this phone when there is 1200,12... moreI used to work in a phone shop. These smaller, cheaper and simpler phones are in very high demand. Might be hard to comprehend it, but there are people out there who just want a mobile phone to simply be a mobile phone.

  • sd