Nokia 1110

Nokia 1110

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  • Anonymous

Best phone made by nokia. Excellent device as a phone.

  • lucien

its a good phone but how do i get the mp3 ringtones on it

  • Michael_Ipoh

I have brought this 1110 model a few days back. Unfortunately, the phone has software problems. It cost around RM200 in Malaysia.

First call-in from people will result in normal ringing. If you didn't notice the ringing, it will continue ringing until u stop it. Of course the party who called u have already hang up.

Second call-in, the phone just won't have any reactions, only with numbers flashing. The party who call u can listen normal dialling tone but you who been called won't notice any incoming tones.

I have return back the phone to authorised service agent and they claim that there's no newer software at the moment and I am stuck with it since the dealer who sells me won't exchange another one with me.Also the authorised service people claim that the problem I am facing is a normal problem.

From my observations since...this cheaper versions of phone from Nokia has many problems and if you who plan to purchase it, think carefully or best to avoid it.

  • Souvik

Hi! I bought this phone couple of months back and I'm totally satisfied with this phone.Not only it's very user friendly as most of the Nokia phones r but at the same time it's very hardy.Moreover it satisfies all my needs as u know guys & gals a mobile ph is just for stayin in touch anything additional is a bonus.

  • Sunny Mirza

i bought nokia 1110 4 months ago, i was very much satisfied with it but after few days i pointed out few problems in it, one was when i talk with anyone for 15 or 20 minutes it was getting very hot, another problem is that this mobile phone starts with very low ringtones thats why often i cant hear the miss calls, another problem is that this mobile phone was sometimes getting off when i write sms. But this set has some advantages also , it has a superb battery loud speaker is good, it has messege counter, speaking clock, very fast key pads. But due to above mentioned problems i sell this phone and just bought Motorolla C168, there is no difference between the prices of nokia 1110 & motorolla C168 here in Pakistan. I m fully satisfied with my new mobile phone it has fm radio, colour screen, mms, sms more than 249, cool design that attracts every one and cathes the eye of the peoples and have a rock and roll sound, thats why i remarks nokia 1110 , 100 out of 40% but motorolla C168 is the best in comparison with nokia 1110. If any one wants to buy nokia 1110 i suggests him that if in his country both nokia 1110 and motorrola C168 has the same price then never wait and leave nokia 1110 and buy motorola C168. PAKISTAN ZINDABAD

  • adebowale majekodunm

When i got this phone, i thought it just of those phones. Its pretty friendly and handy. If you are looking for quality at its right price, then go for it. It has fallen from my hands on my many occasions. Above all its interactive

  • Asim

It is a low price phone with good battery storage time. Bad quality of spekers for ring tones at high volume. Also software of this model gives error and gets hangged. Menu and Navigation style is not attractive.

  • coffee boi

Pretty kool...not up on the features like some of the others but it's nifty and neat

  • Akram Khan from Bang

good phone good fearute for a basic phone
exellent speaker phone better than my 6230
ring tone is good than 6230
but incresing ring is annoying, i sometimes miss a misscall
incall volume is not so loud in some crowdy place

but value for mone i dropped for two times but no problem yet :-)

  • vinanti

Dear Sir/Madam
when we sending message there should be display the message CHECK OPERATOR SERVICE
how to make setting message due to this problem

  • Anonymous

can you change the black screen. if yes how?

  • Anonymous

Nokia 1110 is a good phone as far as am concern, the phone is loud enough and has fine ringtone.

  • Rony

i totally agree Ig1H. i know many people who buy smartphones but don't know how to use half of their capabilities. most of them only like the thought of having too many features on they're phone but not using it sometimes not even knowing how to use it. i think these people are stupid.

  • Nurs TSH9

it is better than my Z530 respect with signal and loudspeaker (speakerphone) and additional Indonesian T9 predictive text
it's signal more stable than My Z530i
It's ringtone louder than My Z530i
It's speaker phone clearer than My Z530i

The primary requirement of handphone is the strength of signal, isn't it?????

  • Marinchev BG

Nice phone! You now hall connection to pc-pc suite "v.?"

  • Saliya

I bought this phone replacing my fancy color display phone. In fact this is really great. The performance is really fascinating. It really worths for the money

  • sylvester

it is very very beautiful till the time you have not seen it on itbecause from my point of view it is worthless of spending any money
on it.

  • Rony

I love the Nokia 1110! It has the basic features which I really need! I've used some of the high-end phones before such as the Windows Mobile and the Symbian Smartphones. Sure, they do have many exciting features such as MP3, video camera, bluetooth, etc. When I got my 1st Symbian phone, the Nokia 6630, I was so excited because I could install lots and lots of games and applications and also it's got a memory card where I could store MP3 but then I would only use them for the first few months or so and then got bored with it eventually. I ended up using my so-called smartphone for plain texting and that's the time when it becomes a pain in the ass! You see, the previous phones I had like the Sony Ericsson K700 and the Motorola Razor V3, have really nice features but texting with them is quite difficult. And their batteries lasts for 2 days max! With the Nokia 1110, texting is a breeeeze! The silicone keypad is very soft to the thumb and you feel it when you press on it so you don't have to double-check if you pressed the keys enough or not. Best phone for heavy texters like me. They say battery lasts 4 to 7 days. I haven't proven that yet as I've only been using this for 2 days. The package I got included a BL-5CA battery which has less power than the standard BL-5C, but that's ok. I got this for a ridiculously low price of 2,600 pesos (approx. 50 USD). The BL-5C replacement battery costs about 40 USD, and the charger around 10 USD. It just doesn't make sense! If I needed a spare battery, I'll just buy another Nokia 1110 package! Anyway, anyone who is thinking of buying a Nokia 1100 should get the 1110 instead. For a few additional bucks, you get a nicer looking phone (I think the 1100 looks too cheap) plus more features such as loudspeaker and 4-way navigation keys which makes texting much easier. It also has built-in polyphonic ringtones with MP3 grade, although you can only download monotones. The Number Screening feature which filters unwanted calls or text is a good idea. If you want a colored version of this, there's the Nokia 1600. But personally, I wouldn't pay more for a colored phone that doesn't even have MMS! It's just a waste! The inverted LCD and white keypad backlights of this phone looks sooo beautiful in the dark. There are only 2 things I didn't like about this phone. One is that you can only have up to 3 lines for SMS. It would have been better if they included an option for smaller fonts to allow more lines for text. Another is that the ring type is only in Ascending mode and you have no option to change that. I gave it 9 points for those reasons. Anyway, I would like to share a couple of tips for this phone; First- you probably noticed that there are only two lines for the phonebook list. You can actually make this into 4 lines by disabling "Contact images" and then setting the "Contacts view" to "Name list". You can do all these in the "Contacts" menu. Secondly- I am worried that the LCD being inverted makes it more prone to damage. So I make sure the screensaver is always active. You see, the purpose of screensavers is not just to entertain your eyes but to protect your screen from being damaged because of being 'still' for a long time. It wasn't called SCREEN SAVER for nothing! Anyway, this phone is a really good buy as a 2nd phone or for those who only need a phone for texts or calls. And for the price of it, you couldn't really complain much about the features that it lacks.

  • mustamer

vere vere good set

  • Lokesh

I bought this phone 2 days back and I find it good. It is definately a Value-for-money phone. The features are good and no one can expect FM radio or GPRS with such a low end phones. My rating - 6/10.