Nokia 1110

Nokia 1110

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  • voy

Nokia1100 + Nokia2100 = Nokia1110

  • Filipo

It has a inverted display :-|
Better than a common one, worse than a colour 4k.
Good polyphony, but what they mean with "MP3 grade"?
Good design, but looks like a Philips Fisio 820. And the separated power button is gone from Nokia, isn't it?

  • hagrid

dis fone is for ppeeps who dont need up to date gizmos

  • XSO


Goddamnit people, this is a basic phone. Sometimes manufacturers may not feel the need for a colour screen.

  • japunlock

seems good to me
hope to be better than 1100 in screen and antenna

  • Paul

This phone has monochrome graphics? Why Nokia why? This one looks better than the 1600, pretty decent handset. Again there are a lot of cheap camera phones out there, so why choose this?

  • Musli

How it is that this phone has lower stand-by than 1600 which has TFT 65k colours screen ? WTF ? -_-

  • ppl la..

not wat i expect from nokia and wat ppl will wan coz there's a lot of cheap camera phones out there and it's better... but it's cool...

  • Anonymous

the model is good,not bad!keep going nokia!!!!

  • Mad

HAHAHHAHA Monochrome graphic again!`?=?!?

Too lol for TV nokia!!